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Claiming that the former Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad was privy to the hanging of Indian parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal Guru, the former Congress veteran and BJP’s new entrant Lal Singh Monday said that Azad must recollect about event that led to Guru’s hanging.

Talking to KNS, Singh on a day of making his formal entry from Congress to BJP in presence of BJP national president Amit Shah in Jammu said that Azad was very much aware when and where Guru will be executed. “This is hypocrisy that Azad is shrugging his shoulders over his knowledge about Guru’s hanging.”

Lal Singh who has also served as Congress Member Parliament questioned that how is this possible that a senior minister in the union government doesn’t know anything about this vital decision that too when the minister is from Jammu and Kashmir. “This is illogical and bizarre what Azad is claiming at present. I fail to understand this policy,” Singh said.

“It was early in the morning and I was having my shower just when my wife started knocking at the washroom door saying some very important news was being flashed on television,” Azad said. “I came out and learnt about it (Guru’s hanging),” Azad had told a local daily, adding that he wasn’t in loop over Guru’s hanging.

Lal Singh claims that Azad is trying to befool people of Jammu and Kashmir by such statements and that he was very much aware about the hanging of the parliament convict. “He (Guru) attacked the parliament, Supreme Court awarded him the death sentence, President of India rejected his mercy plea. If he is hanged, why Azad is playing politics over the incident?”

Singh said that his main reason of parting ways from Congress was due to the politics of ‘deceit’ and ‘deception’. “The party has been wiped out from power across India including Jammu and Kashmir only because it is the party of people who lie like butter.”

Sharpening his knives against Azad, Singh accused him of being ‘overambitious’. “He wants his presence everywhere. He wants himself in the vital party meets. He wants to remain the leader of Rajya Sabha and at the same time wants to become chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. He has damaged Congress and the rout of the party during the upcoming elections is inevitable.”


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