SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Rashmi Ranjan Swain, has termed his assignment as historic and challenging. He has told the media in Rourkela, his home town in Odisha that the values and principles instilled in him are instrumental in navigating through tough situations.

RR Swain (IPS)

“For me, leading the force in Jammu and Kashmir is a matter of immense pride,” Swain told the Odhi TV, OTV in an interview. “Maintaining law and order, protecting lives, and investigating terror financing are formidable tasks.”

Reflecting on the historical context after the abrogation of Article 370, Swain highlighted the collaborative efforts with the Army and Paramilitary forces, citing it as a pivotal opportunity to script a new chapter in the region’s security narrative. “It is a historic time after abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and leading the force and getting an opportunity to create a new chapter along with Army and Paramilitary force is really a matter of pride,” he was quoted as saying his interviewer.

The seasoned officer, known for his stint in Jammu and Kashmir’s intelligence arena, has talked about the complexities of border policing. “ It is a border state and there is a legacy of hostile neighbour like Pakistan and the challenges are very difficult,” Swain has said. “There are various valleys in which the entire brigade will get lost. Hence, it is tough to work in difficult terrain but working with a set of values and discharging duties with every ounce of energy is what keeps me motivated.”

Offering insights into the challenges of being on the hot seat, the DGP has said: “Pakistan is keeping a tab on every single individual and who is doing what in villages. In such a situation, maintaining law and order, protecting the lives of people and investigating terror financing are very tough.”

Swain has emphasised the resilience ingrained in middle-class Odia families. “The values and principles instilled in me have been instrumental in navigating through tough situations.” This, according to reports was his first visit home after taking over as the DGP in Jammu and Kashmir Police. “I am proud to be back in Rourkela .. every bit of it I have enjoyed.”


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