On the instructions of Forest Minister, Wild Life Department released 8 offenders along with 17 horses who were caught by the Department employees while grazing cattle within the limits of Dachigam National Park.

The Forest Minister Chowdhary Lal Singh had recently issued an order strictly banning grazing within the peripheries of Dachigam National Park. The Minister had directed Wild Life Department officials to use the service of employees to implement the ban.

Insiders told CNS that Department issued circular directing employees to act as watch dog and resort to patrolling even during night hours. Sources added that a group of patrolling employees during night hours captured all but 17 horses and 8 men for violating the ban. “These horses and men were captured from Dagwan area of Dachigam area,” an insider said.

Sources added that instead of taking action against the offenders they were allowed to go by the Forest Minister after a meeting with Wild Life Department officials that was attended by Chief Wild Life Warden A.K.Khana, Wild Life Warden Central Division Tahir Ahmed Shah and others.

“The offenders were released on the behest of a political leader. It makes no fun to forces employees to go for night patrolling in the middle of the jungle and later release the offenders without any justification,” said an employee.
Pertinently, the government had banned grazing in and around Dachigam National Park to stop grazing land turning into waste land.

Admitting that offenders along with horses were allowed to go, a top official of Wild Life Department said that the ban will be strictly imposed and next time no violators will be spared.


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