Bank Comes For Recovery, Debtor Commits Suicide

SRINAGAR: In a heartbreaking incident, a man named Balwinder Nath, son of Pyar Nath, from Tringla Batote in District Ramban, committed suicide on May 2nd, 2023, near his house. The reason behind this unfortunate event is alleged to be due to the pressure of an unpaid loan that he had taken from Jammu and Kashmir Bank Batote.

According to Balwinder Nath’s wife, Vidya Devi, the couple had taken a loan of Rs. 57,000 for cows, but due to her husband’s illness, they were unable to pay the instalments on time. She further added that the manager of Jammu and Kashmir Bank came to their house and demanded the payment of the instalment immediately. This resulted in Balwinder Nath feeling insulted in front of everyone, which may have led him to take such a drastic step.

Balwindar Nath’s father also expressed his grief and stated that if the instalment was not paid, then the bank should have sent a notice instead of coming personally and insulting them in front of their neighbours.

According to a police official, the case is currently under further investigation.


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