Condemning ban on JKLF and slapping PSA on Dr Hamid Fayaz Amir Jamat-I-Islami, AIP President Er Rashed has said that such harsh and suppressive measures will fetch nothing except exposing the fact that New Delhi has no political resolution to Kashmir dispute.

The spokesman of the party said that Delhi needs to be reminded that when Yasin Malik transformed his movement from armed struggle to political struggle, on the appeal of think tanks and intelligentsia of India and choose Gandhian way to persuade his views. He met then India Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and other national leaders and one should not forget that Malik completely opted the peaceful means to propagate his agenda.

“If New Delhi decides to ban his organization it speaks only arrogance and means New Delhi doesn’t believe in reconciliation nor has anything concrete to offer to people of J&K. New Delhi must tell what it wants Malik to do. The decision of banning JKLF and using suppressive measures will help only those forces who use and believe violence as the only tool to make other side understand its view point,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

Expressing deep anger and anguish over the death of 11 year old Aatif Ahmad of Hajin during encounter, Rasheed said that allegations and counter allegations will yield nothing.

He said “The precious life of Aatif Ahmad could have been saved had both the sides shown some restrain. While militants are morally bound not to use anyone as human shield but the state forces could have saved the precious life of Aatif Ahmad who had nothing to do with what was happening. Let the Hajin incident be an eye opener for all the parties to understand that violence will yield nothing and meaningful dialogue is the only way to resolve seventy year long political dispute.”

Rasheed said that while Prime Minister Narindra Modi’s good wishes to Pakistan on its National Day is a good initiative but the strange side of the story is that prominent Indian citizens participated in Pakistan’s National Day celebration at New Delhi and Kashmiris were still not allowed to attend. He said that New Delhi needs to have a deep introspection to find if its policies are proving counterproductive.


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