Bar Condemns Mosque Demolition

KL Report


In an extra ordinary meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association presided over by the President  ZA Qureshi, the Bar Association strongly condemns the demolition of secretariat employees mosque in Jammu secretariat and describes the act of demolition as a strong provocation to Muslim community in Jammu and Kashmir. The state government by demolishing the mosque has not only demonstrates its no commitment to secularism but is acting for the appeasement of the Hindus.

It is pertinent to mention here that the area of demolition of the mosque is in fact given to the temple inside the Secretariat. In an extra ordinary meeting to the Bar Association strong notice was taken about the demolition of the mosque and it was observed that the state government in league with the UPA in centre is acting to escalate the already complex situation in Jammu and Kashmir and play the political card in rest of India. The demolition of the mosque has not only hurt the overwhelming sentiment of the Muslims but has also given rise to new situation which will lead anywhere. The Bar Association also feels its annoyance on closure of the mosque in Srinagar Secretariat in which the Muslim secretariat employees are not allowed to offer prayers. The consistency in the provocative actions by the ruling parties starting from the secret and illegal hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo, decerration of various places of Muslims and now the demolition of the mosque in Secretariat Complex at Jammu seems a chain of events to hurt the Muslim sentiment and provoke Muslims to violence. The Bar Association demands restoration of the mosque with all religious sanctity. Filing which the secular basis of the constitution seems a myth and a paradoxical hoax.

In the meeting condolences were paid to the bereaved families who lost their nine children in Kandiwara Kokernag bus accident. The death of nine school going children is a big loss to the nation which cannot be compensated by any means. In the meeting the educational policy and management of schools was felt a flawed affair which leads to loss of the talent and poses a challenge to educational management and academic excellence. It was decided in the meeting a team of delegation will visit the bereaved families to condole the death of their loved ones.

In the meeting it was also decided that a designated team of lawyers will leave for Doda, Kashtwar and Baderwah for interview with the political prisoners in the respective jails in Chinab Valley.



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