Bar On Jail Visit, Would Release Report On Saturday

KL Report


In view of the permission sought by the Bar Association from the Hon’ble High Court in O.W.P. No. 767/2007, a team of Bar Association has been constituted to visit District Jail Kishtiwar. A team of lawyers have today visited the District Jail Kishtiwar.

According to statement issued here, the team of lawyers constituted by the Bar association met the detenues, interviewed them and assured them that legal assistance will be provided them. The visit to District Jail Kishtiwar has remained successful as the people of the area also appreciated the visit of the Bar Association to the said jail as it was a first visit of the Bar Association to the said jail. The team constituting six members is arriving Srinagar on Saturday and the Bar Association would release a detailed report regarding the detenues, under trials lodged in District Jail Kishtiwar.


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