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Sangrama lawmaker who was shifted by Chief Minister from the powerful Revenue Ministry to smaller horticulture ministry has tendered his resignation, reports reaching here said.

Talking to some reporters in Jammu after the cabinet reshuffled was ordered, Bukhari said he has put in his papers. He has sent his resignation to the Chief Minister in which, he said; he has listed all the reasons.

Broadcaster turned politician, Bukhari is second time representative of the north Kashmir Sangrama constituency.

“It took me wuite a few minutes to decide that I should resign and then I sent it,” Bukhari told Kashmir Life. “It is a detailed communication listing reasons but I am oath bound not tell you.” He said he is just an MLA now and he is happy with that status.

In the PDP-BJP version 1.0 that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed led, Bukahri was law minister. When Ms Mufti took over as Chief Minister early last year, he was given Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation. Now in the mini cabinet reshuffle, Bukhari was given Horticulture Ministry, which is comparatively a smaller ministry.

Sources close to him told Kashmir Life that Bukhari took the change as being slighted by the Chief Minster and quickly decided to resign. He sent the letter quite fast, sources said.

In the mini cabinet reshuffle that resulted after the re-induction of Syed Altaf Bukhari in cabinet, Chief Minister Ms Mufti moved Naeem Akhter out of Education and gave her PWD ministry. Abdul Rehman Veeri, the senior most minister in the cabinet was moved to Revenue. Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Darbu was relieved of Culture Ministry as well. Altaf Bukhari got the Education Ministry.


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