Be Realistic towards Issues Concerning Common People, JeI to GoI



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Jama’at-i-Islami Friday said that the Government of India in a well-designed manner is divesting the local institutions of Jammu and Kashmir in order to erode the special status, a statement issued by the organization here read.

“This plot has been designed in order to achieve the sinister goal of its total integration. The judicial activism is being used as an effective tool to implement the long pending agenda of RSS,” the statement added.

It further said that the coalition government in which BJP and its allied groups have an edge because of its control over the Delhi throne is utilized tactfully for arriving at the goal. “This plan is being implemented here slowly but steadily from 1952 onwards and it has reached the stage when all the key administrative positions are held by non-state subjects which see everything through the lenses of the Indian nationalism ignoring the local interests exclusively,” it added, “The subordinate administration is watching all this like mute spectators for safeguarding their personal interests.”

BJP being the “political face” of RSS cannot deviate from its policies while as the local mainstream political parties have the single agenda of remaining in power and have never bothered about the real issues of the local population, the statement added.

Expressing grave concern for the “crucial state of affairs” being created against the interests of the general masses, Jama’at asked the government of India to stop these “sinister policies” and be realistic towards the main issues concerning the common people which is in the best interests of the crores of human beings living in this sub-continent.

While condemning the “illegal interference” in the tourism sector by the Amarnath Shrine Board, Jama’at, impressed upon the board to remain limited to the Amarnath pilgrimage and pilgrim problems and not to meddle in any other affair. “Amarnath Yatra yields nothing for the people associated with the tourism except for a little number of the horse pullers. So the dictation of the Shrine Board in the tourism sector is unacceptable and the stand of the traders associated with the tourism is genuine and just.”


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