Beef Ban: ‘Let People Eat What They Want to Eat,’ says Para

Riyaz Ul Khaliq


Waheed Ur Rehman Para
Waheed Ur Rehman Para

Peoples democratic Party Youth president and Political Analyst in Chief Minister’s office, Waheed-Ur-Rehman Para Thursday late evening said that people are best judges to decide what to eat and what not to.

Para was responding to questions about a High Court division bench direction to authorities to implement beef ban in Jammu and Kashmir.

“There is a debate going on in whole sub-continent about what should be eaten,” he said, “Let people decide what they want to eat and what they dislike.

He said that the food debate has stretched in mainland Indian and that is “why it had its impact in J&K”.

Para said that Kashmir has 5000 years long history and “we have been living in harmony. “We lived and respected each other’s rights even when there were no laws and regulation.” “Let people decide what is Halaal and Haraam for them.”

The PDP youth face said that Jammu and Kashmir has a special status by which it has its own constitution. “J&K has Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) against IPC which is implemented in mainland India and it was Maharaja Hari Singh who implemented RPC in J&K and beef ban was included in it because Dogras had authority then,” he said and added, “however, we have been living and respecting each other’s rights and traditions since 1947.”

Para added, “there is no fresh order in this regard but it is there in RPC.”

He said that it is a human right which everyone should be allowed to enjoy. “We don’t need law enforcing agencies to tell us what we should eat in our dinner,” he maintained.

Para warned, “this debate is going to escalate only.” “Tomorrow people may be told not use speakers; Hindus will be asked not ring bells in temples and similar things may happen with Christians as well.”


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