Beef Ban: Now, KTMF Fears Ban on Azan



Terming the ban on slaughter of bovine animals another “Nagpuri conspiracy” hatched at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation President Muhammad Yasin Khan Friday said it was direct interference with religious matters of Muslim majority population of the state.

He said, “if people bow before such diktats the day is not far off when Muslim space will be squeezed.” “Today cow slaughter has been banned. Tomorrow Azan may be banned. If we accept the first one, the second will be automatically imposed,” Khan cautioned.

In a statement Khan, who is also the Chairman of his Kashmir Economic Alliance faction, said, “the state government has started acting as puppet at the hands of RSS only to create chaos and fuel communal hatred in the state.”

“RSS and their puppets within the state government are hell bent to polarize the state through their nefarious designs. But the people of Jammu and Kashmir should uphold the traditional harmony,” Khan said.

He said people of Kashmir and Muslims elsewhere in the state have been consuming bovine meat for ages. “The new directive aims at only creating a communal wedge. This government has failed on every front not they want to hide this all through communal conspiracies,” Khan said.

“Cow slaughter has been banned right ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha, this means the communal forces want to test our patience. This needs to be fought back,” Khan said.


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