Beg Says ‘NC Lies, As There Was Nothing Left For Rehablitation In Party’

KL Report


Dr Mehboob Beg who extended his ‘unconditional’ support to People’s Democratic Party patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Monday described it a blatant lie on part of National Conference that soon after conceding defeat in this year’s Parliament election, he demanded a cabinet berth.

“This is a white lie. I never demanded a cabinet berth and never told party (National Conference) to rehabilitate me politically,” Beg told CNS adding that people know that there was nothing left for rehabilitation in party.

Former Parliament member Dr Mehboob Beigh said that he doesn’t believe in personal attacks and has no intention to criticize a particular NC leader who tried to malign his image and leveled baseless allegations. “It is also a white lie that after the Parliament election I met Chief Minister only once and did not raise any issue related to indiscrimination in jobs and development. In fact, I brought the all the issues relating to South Kashmir repeatedly into the notice of Chief Minister but no action was taken,” he said.

Pertinently, National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani had claimed that Dr Mehboob Beg demanded that one of the seats should be vacated in the Cabinet and he should be made a cabinet minister to save his political career.


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