Believe It! Star Hospital charges Rs 1500 for donating blood

Srinagar: Next time you wish to donate blood for a patient in a private hospital, be sure you carry some cash in your pocket, otherwise you will face the wrath of the staffers there.

Star Hospital located in Sanat Nagar area of Srinagar city has been doing the same.

The blood donors who visit the Star Hospital are charged Rs 1500 after donating the blood and in case they fail to pay the sum, the same is adjusted in the bill of the patient.

“I came across a face book post that a patient at Star Hospital needs blood. I was shocked when the staffers demanded Rs 1500 for donating blood to the patient. When I refused to pay, they extracted the money from the relatives of the patient. This inhuman method to fleece even donors is a new experience for me and I am totally shocked,” a blood donar, Bhat Irfat Haroon told news agency CNS.

Another donor said that instead of encouraging a blood donor the Star Hospital staffers are not only discouraging them but also looting them. “We appeal authorities to probe the matter. This is not a hospital but a money minting machine,” he said.

When contacted a staffer said that every hospital has its rules and regulations. “We charge Rs 1500 either from blood donor or patient for services rendered by our laboratory technicians,” he said. (CNS)


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