Bizarre! Sealed by authorities, coaching centre in Khanyar continues to operate

by Irtiza Rafiq/Zeenish Imroz/Zulkifla


At the time when government reiterates that it will not permit the coaching centres in Kashmir to function until they fulfil mandatory formalities and seek appropriate registration from the concerned authorities, the tall claims are in contrast with the ground realities.

Continuing their uninterrupted operations, the coaching centres don’t take the official directions seriously even after being sealed by the concerned authorities.

Officially sealed on December 21, a coaching centre in Khanyar, Srinagar continues to operate illegally and that too little away from the office of Tehsildar Khanyar.

Aghast over the silence of the government, the locals of the area alleged that the officials are “hand in glove” with the owners of the institute.

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The centre was sealed by the order of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Baseer Ahmed Khan after an inspecting team found the coaching centre was not fulfilling various parameters laid down by the government.

The inspection teams were constituted after a high-level meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner discussed the various issues regarding the operations of these centres.

“We sealed the coaching centres and they have applied for registration and I have forwarded the file to Deputy Commissioner. Although I have sealed it, I have no information if it is still functional,” said Tehsildar Sheikh Javed Ahmed.

While the registration of the coaching centre is still under process, the students continue to study there, “our coaching centre has applied for registration but for now we go through a makeshift door as the main entrance is sealed,” said a student

Prominent in the old city, the coaching centre violates certain guidelines issued by DSEK. With around roll of 200 students, the students allege there is no proper seating arrangement.

“There are no chairs and we sit on the floor,” said a student on condition of anonymity and added that “we almost sit in each other’s lap and by the end of the lecture our legs go numb.”

Another student told Kashmir Life that besides seating arrangement, there is no proper heating arrangement in this intense cold season.
“A single gas heater is put to heat the huge hall,” a group of students told Kashmir Life.

Charging around Rs 10,000 per subject, students allege that the back sitters hardly see anything on the board as it is far away.

However, the students acknowledged that the quality of education is better compared to others.
“We want it to continue, but with all the requisite facilities,” they said.
Though there was no concrete reply from the officials, however, the head of coaching centres association GN Var termed it unfortunate.

“If such coaching centres continue to operate, it is a harassment for legally operating and registered coaching centres. I am certainly not in favour of such violation. Either they should be registered or closed altogether.”
Interestingly after a seal which was just customary stayed for few days, a student this evening confirmed to Kashmir Life that the centre has been opened with due permission, again.

Director school education Kashmir Dr G N Itoo number of times came on record saying that “there is absolutely no confusion in this regard. The government is very clear that those who are registered with the Directorate of school education will be allowed to operate.”

He has further said that so far the government has issued the registration to 220 coaching centres in Kashmir after they were found fulfilling the norms and criteria set by the government. “Those coaching centres have been allowed to operate who were been having a positive report from the district committees. Those who were found undermining the set of rules were sealed,” said Dr Itoo.

In September last year, Jammu and Kashmir High court directed the government to file the report on unregistered coaching centres running in the state.

A division bench headed by Chief Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey had directed the state that to secure the interests of children studying in the unregistered coaching and tuition centres, it was necessary to close down the centers operating illegally.




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