BJP made Kashmir India’s weakness, says Rahul Gandhi

SRINAGAR: Rahul Gandhi has held BJP responsible for Kashmir unrest and vilence, saying he had conveyed to the ruling party.

“About six, seven months ago, Arun Jaitley came to see me, I told him they are mishandling Kashmir,” Rahul Gandhi was quoted saying by ANI. “Arun Jaitley brushed me aside and said Kashmir is peaceful. They are creating a problem for this country by their incompetence and by trying to utilise Kashmir as a political asset.”

“Government of India and the Prime Minister are completely mishandling Kashmir,” Rahul, a Congress Secretary general said. “Kashmir has been India’s strength but the current government is making it India’s weakness”.

Gandhi’s statement came in wake of claims by BJP leaders that they are closer to a solution on Kashmir and its problems. Home Minister Raj Nath Singh was quoted saying that the people are watching what “we are doing in Kashmir”. His reference, apparently, was towards the NIA raids across Kashmir in which the sleuths searched the premises of various separatists.

NIA raids are reportedly still going on as one separatist’s residence has been raided in the outskirts of Srinagar on Sunday. It was not, however, confirmed by officials, immediately.


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