BJP playing dangerous game, communalizing situation for power: G A Mir


The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) on Thursday held, threadbare discussion over the socio, political and security scenario obtaining in the State in the backdrop of the confrontational attitude adopted by the BJP towards the people.

The Party also cautioned the Centre government of any misadventure, saying that provocative measures won’t address any concern, rather it will result in deterioration of situation further, which will certainly be detrimental to peace initiatives.

The Party delegations comprising of Senior Party Leaders and Workers from Bijbehara, Shangus, Dooru, Homshalibug and held detailed discussions with regard to organizational affairs and activities with the President JKPCC and other Senior Leaders present in the meeting.

Former Minister Taj Mohi U Din, MLA Vice Presidents Haji Ab. Rashid Dar, Mohd Anwar Bhat, MLA Gulzar Ahmad Wani, Manzoor Ahmad Ganai, M. Abdullah Nadaf, Mir Iqbal, Ali Mohd Mantoo were present on this occasion.

The Party delegations briefed the leadership of ground situation in their respective Assembly Constituencies, besides the difficulties confronting them in respect of developmental, etc and sought resolution of these.

They Party delegation while deliberating on the security scenario prevailing in the valley emphasized the leadership that Centre government must be cautioned of any misadventure with regarding Jammu and Kashmir State and warned that any misadventure would result in deterioration of the situation, which will be detrimental to peace initiatives.

Speaking on the occasion JKPCC President G.A. Mir expressed serious concern over the current political situation in the country and State, cautioning the cadres of divisive politics of BJP RSS hell bent upon to divide peon into communal lines.

He said BJP would never have assumed power at Centre, had they not used communal card to mislead people for the sake of power, now the people in the entire country have lost faith in BJP realizing that BJP can go to any extent for power, but this time, people will vote against the communal and divisive politics of BJP RSS.

Referring to the Congress Party’s role in both State & Centre, Mir said only Congress can safeguard the secular fabric of the country by defeating the communal politics of BJP RSS, for the fact, Congress Party stands guarantee to the pluralistic identity of the Nation. Congress Party is committed to maintaining communal harmony and unity in the Country.

He cautioned that BJP is playing a dangerous game of dividing people to secure votes, but it is the responsibility of every secular and right-thinking person to defeat this dangerous game of BJP and ensure that Secular Identity of the Country is not harmed.

Mir also urged upon the party cadres to gear up for the challenges and ensure developmental of people in their respective assembly segments, as tat, the previous PDP BJP regime has discriminated the people in every and preferred nepotism, favouritism, and corruption above people urges and aspirations, as a result, there is a great disillusionment among the people.

Former Minister Taj Mohi U Din, MLA Haji Abdul Rashid and Mohd Anwar Bhat also spoke on the occasion, urging upon the Cadres to gear up for the challenges.

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