BJP Red-Faced Over Lal Singh’s Theatrics

KL Report


Even though Choudhary Lal Singh changed his party and the colour of politics, his attitude remains unchanged. And that is precisely the issue that will impact the BJP in coming days.

BJP finds itself in an embarrassing situation following the alleged misbehavior with the female doctor by the Singh, state’s health minister for the second time. He was accused of humiliating a lady doctor for not wearing an apron at a social function linked to health.

Lal Singh had created series of scenes in his earlier tenure as health minister. It was a key factor for the Congress to send him to Lok Sabha.

After Congress denied him the mandate for third time, he joined BJP. Then, BJP was averse to his inclusion, primarily because of his temper. BJP sources said they have already briefed the high command over the way Singh has been ruling and, sometimes, overrunning the crucial health ministry.

Earlier, resident doctor’s association of SMHS and Associated Hospitals strongly condemns the misbehaviour and in-dignified conduct of the minister towards the hospital staff including resident doctors, paramedics and senior faculty members.

“There has to be professional way of dealing with each and every situation,” the association said in a statement. “Similar episode happened few days before where the minister misbehaved with the faculty and resident staff of government medical college Jammu.”


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