‘BJP’s Agenda to Safforanise Kashmir Exposed by Subramaniam Swami’, says Rasheed


Er Rasheed
Er Rasheed

Independent lawmaker Er Rasheed Sunday appealed people of Islamabad to vote for Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) candidate Advocate Mujeeb-ur-Rehman in the upcoming bye-election so that very sensitive issues and challenges Kashmiris are facing can be tackled effectively, a party statement issued here read.

Addressing a series of public meetings at Bun-diyalgam, Peth-diyalgam, Boat-colony, Chee and other places, Er Rasheed said that a strong pro-Kashmiri voice in assembly is the need of the hour and voters of Islamabad can create history by voting for Awami Ittehad Party, as PDP, Congress and NC have always made “sell-outs” and given New Delhi a free hand to implement its colonial policies. “Let every Kashmiri be aware that BJP’s top leader Subramaniam Swami has openly revealed that Kashmir issue will be resolved by 2019 by abrogating Article 370 and PDP’s criminal silence over the issue is enough to understand the challenges we are going to face in future. Mehbooba’s victory will mean indorsing her unholy and anti-Muslim alliance with BJP and Kashmiris will lose a moral ground to oppose PDP-BJP alliance.”

He said, “In fact Subramaniam Swami’s statement is the policy matter of BJP and Sang Parivar and they all want to make J&K like any other Indian state.”

Rasheed also lashed out at congress and said that the party is responsible for depriving Kashmiris of their right to self-determination and has damaged Kashmir cause in collaboration with NC right from 1947.

“Advocate Mujeeb’s victory will give not only a moral boost to Kashmiris but it will mean that voters of Islamabad would get a man who is one among them and whose honesty and integrity has always been beyond doubt.”


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