‘Blood of Sacred Martyrs Will not Go Waste’



khanabal killings 2010
Bilal Ahmad Najar, Noor ul Amin Dagga and Maroof Ahmad Nath.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Thursday paid a tribute to three “martyrs who fell to the bullets of Indian forces and police” this day during 2010 uprising.

“Shaheed Bilal Ahmad Najar, shaheed Noor ul Amin Dagga, shaheed Maroof Ahmad Nath and shaheed Yasir Rafiq Sheikh (Raju) is a clear example of police highhandedness,” Malik said in a statement. “These innocents were killed by police in front of hundreds of people but despite irrefutable evidences and court orders, till date no one has been arrested or penalized.”

Terming the “cold-blooded murder” of Najar, Dagga and Nath at Khanbal as “brutal act of state terrorism”, Malik said, “according to irrefutable evidences, Noor ul Amin Dagga and Bilal Ahmad Najar along with thousands were participating in funeral prayers of another youth Maroof Ahmad Nath who was drowned to death by police day before, when police resorted to unprovoked firing resulting in the death of these two innocents.”

After killing these innocents, he said, police led by SP police of that time raided their houses and locality and ransacked everything that came their way. “The case is still pending in the court of law where more than one hundred people have already presented their testimonies before the court.”

Malik said that police took more than one year to even register a case and police authorities are still trying to shield the killer officer and his men. “I also moved the state high court in this regard and a PIL against 2010 killings is still pending before the court.”

He said that the role of “so-called rulers” in this regard has been extremely “cruel and hypocritical”.

“It is the present PDP ruling regime that raised hue and cry during 2010 and was on daily basis demanding to penalize killer policemen, but today it is the same rulers who are trying to save the killers of innocents,” Malik said, while praising the families of these “three martyrs” for their “dedication and zeal”.

“Blood of sacred martyrs will not go waste and the day will come when these killers and their masters will have to face justice,” he said.


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