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The Bollywood flick No Fathers in Kashmir, directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Ashvin Kumar will be screened for the Revising Committee of the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) on Wednesday, October 10, in Mumbai, the report by Mumbai Mirror said.

A poster of the Bollywood feature film No Fathers In Kashmir, directed by Ashvin Kumar.

Earlier, while speaking to Mirror,  the director had pointed out that at the most it should take 32 days for a film’s first screening and 68 days to get a certificate. “In our case, we applied to the CBFC for certification on June 15 and it took 80 days for the Examining Committee to see it,” Ashvin had informed.

He said that he was not given the opportunity to discuss or defend his film as no objections or comments were raised, he simply received a letter from the Regional Officer (RO) the following day saying that the Chairperson, Prasoon Joshi, had referred the film to the Revising Committee at an unspecified place and time. “It’s 109 days and there has been no communication from the CBFC since,” the report quoted Ashvin saying.

Refuting the director’s claim Tushar Karmarkar, RO, CBFC, Mumbai, said that the film was incomplete and was submitted on July 15.

The corrected application was accepted only two days later.” He added that after the EC screening on September 3, the film couldn’t be cleared. “We felt it needed another screening. Yes, some time has passed in this case, but it’s not been 100 days as he claims. Usually, we clear a film by 68 days at the most, but this film was referred to the RC and that took time,” he reasoned, adding, “We will have a second screening in a couple of days,” Mumbai Mirror reported.


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