BOPEE clarifies on issuance of ‘Cow’ Admit Cards


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Responding to a news item published in a section  regarding issuance of admit cards by BOPEE, a spokesman of the Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) has issued following clarification:

The BOPEE has switched over from offline to online mode of submission of Application Forms for various entrance tests in a phased manner. This year the Application Forms for all the entrance tests were made available online only to facilitate the candidates and to save their precious time & resources. The data of the candidates, after submission of their Application Forms, directly goes to the Server of the Service Provider. The data so collected remains, as a matter of policy, inaccessible to all including the BOPEE officials/officers so as to rule out any possibility of its fiddling by any interested/mischievous person and to leave no scope for complaints, like category certificates were accepted after due date or candidates were provided opportunity to change their category at a later stage. The admission notifications, issued by the BOPEE from time to time, inform the candidates that the information submitted by them cannot be verified by the BOPEE before counseling for admission commences. The relevant instructions in the Admission Notification No 04-BOPEE of 2015 issued on 27-02-2015 for submission of Application Forms for Polytechnic Entrance Test reads as follows:

“The information provided by the candidates in the online Application Form cannot be verified from the original documents by the BOPEE before issuance of merit list. The candidates will have to produce certificates in original in the BOPEE office Srinagar or Jammu on the day of counseling. The BOPEE will, thereafter, issue select list for admission of the candidates. The information on the Confirmation Page or on the Admit Card of the candidate shall in no case be construed as an acceptance of that information/category certificate by the BOPEE.”

Moreover, the identity of candidates is verified at the examination centres by the staff, detailed on duty. The data of the candidates is processed by the Service provider which makes allotment of the Centres and generates Roll Nos. so as to rule out any possibility of allotment of Test Centres by the BOPEE official/officers to the candidates to their liking. The Admit Cards are generated by the Service Provider by affixing auto generated Signature and SMS is sent directly to the candidates by the Service Provider to download their Admit Cards. If any candidate has submitted any incorrect information and wants to correct it, he/she has to submit written and signed representation within the prescribed date and the change can be effected through an authorized admin link only. No other data can be removed/changed/modified by any official/officer of the BOPEE without written request by the candidate. This processing of the data, right from its submission till the declaration of the result, is beyond the reach of any BOPEE official/ officer to ensure transparency, impartiality and to rule out favoritism of any kind. The software used for processing the data accepts Photograph, Thumb Impression and Signature as images only. The software reports only where no image is uploaded at the relevant place or if it is not in the prescribed format.

The object of uploading of photograph of an animal on the Application Form is fraught with the design to malign BOPEE as an institution and an attempt to undo the good work done by its officials. No one can raise finger against the examination procedure adopted by the present dispensation nor can anybody doubt the credibility and integrity of the results so declared. The sensation created by uploading this photograph can do more harm than good to the Institution. It will serve only the persons with vested interest who work with ulterior/ sinister motives & to derive sadistic pleasure out of such acts. The BOPEE officials/officers reassure all the stake holders and well meaning members of the Civil Society that absolute impartiality and neutrality is, and will always be, maintained in all the entrance tests being conducted by it and credible result will be declared free from any manipulation/ maneuvering as has been done by the present dispensation right from the day it assumed its office. No mischievous act will derail the BOPEE in its said mission & conviction. It will only reaffirm and strengthen our resolve. The BOPEE has however, ordered inquiry to reach to the root cause of the incident so that the appropriate action, as warranted under law, is taken against the delinquent(s).


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