Boy electrocuted while pitching Eid prayer tent

SRINAGAR: The young man was a volunteer who got up early and became part of the small gathering of youth that arranged necessary tents in the local Eidgah for the special Eid prayers. Least did he know that the crowd of faithful for whom he was making necessary arrangements would first assembly to offer his funeral prayers instead.

That is exactly what happened in the Kremshore village in Budgam. Abdul Razak Bhat’s son Munir Ahmad was voluntarily working to pitch tents for the community’s Eid prayers. At some places, locals pitch tents to prevent the faithful from heat or rain.

They had almost finished their task and were giving finishing touches when Munir started fixed the tent roof that had high voltage power line over it. It was in this effort that he was electrocuted. He died instantly. The village turned into an instant mourning. The tents was being pitched within the premises of the local Jamia Masjid, reports said.

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