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Two years after his affluent parents sent him to Jammu for better education, they got the surprise that their son is a singer. Then they supported him and it helped Imee Imran improve his rapping rating in his peer group, reports Saqib Mir

In Srinagar’s Scholar’s School, Imee Imran, now 18, was considered an all-rounder. Studies apart, he would get laurels to his school in the singing competition.

Son of a businessman father and schoolteacher mother, his parents enrolled him in neighbouring Kashmir Public School in YK Pora but a year later they sent him to Jammu for his upcoming tenth standard examination.

So keen to follow his passion, the singing, the distance of 300 km from his parents gave him a space to pursue it. During coaching, he would often watch city’s reality show Jammu’s got Talent.

One day, he decided to release his own song. He drove to San J Productions at Kachi Chawni where he was told it would cost a minimum of Rs 6000. His parents are well off but Imran lacked a sound reason to seek this “huge” amount from his businessman daddy Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat or his teacher mother Mumtaza Akhtar.

Imran started thinking about alternative sources for his small money but could not get it. Finally, he sold his own mobile set. He paid the costs to his production house and, after some time, his first track Janat-e-Kashmir was released: “Kashmir Hai Kya, Kisi Kou Bi Na Patta; Sab Isi Mein Laytay Hain Janat Ka Maza.

Momentarily, he was happy. But soon the second tension took over: what will happen when his parents will know this? He finally decided to share his “secret” with Asif, his younger brother, who was pursuing BBA from a Chandigarh College. Asif was also surprised but he dared not to tell his parents.

By the time, he was exploring the possibility of talking to his parents; his track was performing better on ReverbNation, a portal dedicated to the music. When his second track was released, it got more attention.

Two tracks out and one day Asif was driving his mother that he put on his brothers on the car stereo. “I thought this was the best time to inform my mother that Imran has started singing, Asif said. “She disbelieved first and later when she saw Imran’s picture, she started believing.” A happy mother later told her husband that a singer had actually born to them.

After Imran passed his matriculation, the family helped him join Indian Idol Academy for two years. By that time, his Janat-e-Kashmir consisting of six tracks was re-released. Recently the first track of his upcoming album Level was released by Speed Records. Released on September 1, 2017, it had 1.15 million views on YouTube.

Imran has his target fixed on Mumbai, the capital of Bollywood. Initially keen to sing for Kashmir, especially the situation part of it, Imee was persuaded by his friends to avoid controversy and become a professional.

While support of his family was exceptional, Imran said what made his performances better was his “good English” and better “communication skills”. He said that while Kashmir is a talent-rich land, improved English speaking and communication can make it a massive change on careers’ front.

Imran has not given up his studies. He is pursuing BBA from British College Chandigarh.


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