Ever since NC started using defamatory suits as a tool to force silence on its opponents, nowhere did it impact so swiftly. Last week, Devinder Singh Rana, political adviser to chief minister, took exception to a part of the statement that Panther Party’s new boss lawmaker Harsh Dev had made and served him a notice for Rs 10 crore. Within 24 hours, Dev retracted saying he never talked about Rana’s involvement in the FCI contracts. This had started with Rana accusing Panthers of being a BJP product. Panthers reacted terming him an ‘extra constitutional authority’ and a ‘product of back door politics’. A newspaper gave it a spin that raised the concerns. But why is FCI contract so important?


This has happened in past and is a routine now. Last time, they forced a marriage party to wait for a complete day. This time, the soldiers guarding a fence gate forced a minister to stop and made him to trek a three km distance to preside over a public meeting on the other side of the fence. Omar’s junior power minister Shabir Khan was scheduled to preside over a public meeting at Mitidhara. As he reached the gate III, the 43-RR soldiers refused entry to his cavalcade despite being informed by police, and DC in anticipation. Soldiers, however, suggested him to walk to the village and Khan obliged!


All-rounder Parvez Rasool has finally found an entry in India’s A-team. The 23-year old who exhibited his best during 2012 Ranji trophy will play against England in Delhi this week. In one match he scored 187 runs and took 7 wickets taking his tally to 592 runs and 33 wickets in Ranji season. This is the second time he is in news. Last time he became news when Chennai police arrested him for “carrying explosives”. Parvez is the third sportsperson from J&K to be in India’s A-team. The other two being, fast bowler Qayoom Baghav form Bijbahara and Surinder Singh from Jammu.


India’s former army chief V K Singh who’s Z-Plus security was recently withdrawn after he was accused of fomenting trouble over the gang-rape case in Delhi is now facing charges of misusing the army infrastructure for his personal ends. Technical Support Division (TSD), which he created as a secretive Military Intelligence unit, is accused of using interceptors to listen to what powerful and mighty were talking when Singh engaged the government in his date of birth issue. The machines, supposed to be on the border, were later shifted to Jammu and put to eavesdropping job in a hired civilian building to which state police objected. Both the machines were later thrown into Chenab, an inquiry led by Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia has found. TSD, interestingly, was behind the NGO that had filed a case against Lt Gen Bikram Singh, apparently to prevent him from replacing V K Singh.


A Hindu society Om Namo Shivaye Sewa Mandal moved to court against another society operating in the name of Sri Om Namo Shivaye Sewa Mandal. Both claimed they were associated with the yearly Amarnath Yatra. Court ordered police investigation and it shocked everybody that both were fake. One was operated by Sunil Kapur and his brother at Harnamdaspora. Another was run by Neeraj Mahajan and his father in Vijay Nagar. Police registered criminal cases and found that the two groups claiming to be taking care of welfare of the pilgrims have amassed crores of rupees. The langhars, free kitchens, are being run by these groups who enjoy massive influence and wealth. So say Jai Bolay Nath.


In the very first week of its Platinum Jubilee year, J&K Bank presented the state government with two cheques of worth Rs 85.34 crore. This is the highest ever dividend that the state government has got from the 75-year old bank in which it has 53% stakes. The dividend cheque for the current fiscal 2012-13 is expected to be fat as the bank is poised for Rs 1000 crore profit.



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