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neelum-valleyNot far away, the Neelum valley on the other side of Tangdar and Keran is emerging PaK’s major tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistani tourists are emptying their vaults in the valley which is injecting resources to the most needed parts of PaK. The change was affected by a road that Chinese built after the devastating earthquake. The Valley has snow-capped peaks, glaciers, lakes and lush-green meadows. Tourism officials say 600,000 people visited Neelum in 2012 compared to 130,000 in 2010. For such a huge traffic, there are only 115 guest houses.


They quarrelled in the meeting, as the Chief Minister was in chair of the Srinagar district development board meeting. NC’s Ali Mohammad Dar (MLC) suggested about a piece of land be given to a school for up-gradation and MLA Chadoora Javed Mustafa Mir had objections. It soon led to a verbal exchange and finally Mir came and slapped Dar. There was commotion and then meeting continued. As meeting concluded Mir was humbled and he apologized, as usual. But nobody put in a single word about why Srinagar got so small district plan.


lehThe ‘Chinese’ trio whom army arrested at Sultanchku on LoAC is proving energy consuming. During interrogation with the help of interpreters, the trio – Salamo, Abdul Khaliq and Adil Thorsong – have stated that superstars Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan inspired them to visit India. Currently being held at Margo post in Ladakh north after being detained on June 12, these Kargilik residents in of Xianjang have stated extreme poverty responsible for their infiltration. They speak Yarkandi and Uyghur only.


Tara-Chand-Dy.-CMThis new district also had its district development board meeting passing with acrimonious scenes. As the meeting started, MP Lal Singh interrupted seeking time to speak first because he can not afford missing his flight to Delhi. Later, Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand asked officials to skip the review of last year! With these instances, there was anger in the meeting. If the DDB meeting can not see the progress of last year, how it can allocate new assignments for the administration. But, it does not matter. Reasi is neither a reserved district nor the one that is at the core of Jammu region!


It has been a very cruel death in Pazalpora village. Tasmeena was married to her cousin and was allegedly set afire by her in-laws, her uncle and the aunt! She was rushed to hospital in Srinagar where she died after five days. The details of the feud are much cruder. The two brothers Bashir and Sarwar Malik had a dispute. As Sarwar (victim’s father) approached Bashir (her father-in-law), the latter assaulted him. Later, he set afire his daughter in law. Malik, his wife Hafeeza and their son Junaid is in jail, hopefully for the life.


Lahul-BoyThis Himachal village in Lahual is the proud residence of a two-year-old boy who was anointed the 15th head of the Tagna monastery near Leh. Son of  farmers Nawang Chhering and Chimme Dolma, he was identified as the reincarnation of the Buddhist monk Tagna Rinpoche who headed the over 500-year-old monastery. The monk, the 14th head of Tagna monastery, died in January 2011. Monks from the monastery visited his home for basic rituals.


As US is fighting Snowden, the techie who exposed how Uncle Sam is spying on the world, there was an interesting instance in Srinagar. One fine afternoon last week, the live video being monitored in PCR flashed two veiled women busy in a strange activity in Paratap Park. They were digging suspiciously. It could be a bomb. So the cops raided the spot. They found that the two ladies were burying amulets with a piece of mutton on the direction of a faith-healer. Usually, it m eans they were going to make somebody unwell. With cops creating a scare, s(he) is safe for the time being.


Only 34.7% population in J&K has access to safe drinking water through taps.


Delhi turned down Omar Abdullah’s demand for Rs 607.7 crore package for rehabilitation of victims of earthquake in Chenab Valley.


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