Actor Deepika Padukone played basketball and badminton with the soldiers in a Jammu garrison and rode a T72 tank. She did a bit of shooting from a rifle and jumped off a wall with soldiers. Later, to entertain soldiers, she danced, crooned and entertained. The actor was part of a TV channel’s programme Jai Jawan on August 15. She reportedly broke down when a soldier said his inability to do much for his family as his job was so demanding. Bollywood characters are frequently seen in garrisons across Kashmir as it fetches TV a quality reel.


It has been happening for a long time but this time it was frightening. Fourth-standard Muskaan Latief was on way home when she found a group of canines blocking the main road. Just to play safe, she used the edge of the track that had concertina wire laid in bulk. She was caught by the wire and landed her in a hospital with 17 stitches on her head. Given a number of security camps, concertina is almost in every lane of Wazirbagh and the wire catches whatever touches it. Earlier it was a 7-year old boy who somehow managed without stitches.


For all the bad reasons, the localities in deep lake were in news. First it was the drowning of babies’ brother and sister – Asif Abbas and Sakeena Abbas. As the locality went out to protest, two day later, they managed the attention of district administration that sent its officer to inspect the area. It was during this process when the ‘famous’ Junta bridge collapsed along with 50-odd people including cops, officers, civilians and the arms. Locals put in an impressive show and rescued everybody. They are still waiting for a road!!


For a record, in four days two women gave birth to triplets in Islamabad’s maternity and children hospital and deliveries were normally. One is Masmina of Panzath Qazigund and another is Gulshan of Pahalgam. Doctors said babies are light weight but safe and out of danger.


Uri resident Sajjad Mughal faces noose as police have conclusively held him responsible for stabbing to death Pallavi Purkayastha. Mughal was one of the guards who would secure the residential complex where the young lawyer lived. Pallavi ,25, daughter of IAS officer Atanu Purkayastha, joint secretary in the Agriculture ministry, was found lying in a pool of blood in her 16th floor apartment at the upscale ‘Himalayan Heights’ in Wadala by her live-in partner Avik Sengupta. Police said she had resisted rape and was stabbed to death. Hundreds of youth from J&K are working with various security agencies in Mumbai. Lawyer’s killing came weeks after a Kishtwar carpenter killed entire family of actress Laila Khan.


British investigative journalists’ book ‘The Meadow’ exposed the entire sinister story behind the al-Faran crisis of 1995. The revelation of the truth did not trigger any major change anywhere from Delhi to Srinagar or from London to Washington. However, it triggered, an intervention by a local civil society group that petitioned the state’s Human Rights Commission seeking reinvestigation. After a long pause, IGP Crime and Railways has informed the SHRC that the full case diary along with other relevant documents was sent to the police station in Pahalgam for submitting the closure report before the competent court of law. The Master File in its headquarters was, however, reduced to ashes during the fire on September 11, 2010.


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