Bollywood was not in news in Kashmir for actor Prithviraj’s landing in Kashmir for playing the lead role in Picket 43. The film is based on relationships and was helmed by Major Ravi also feature Javed Jaffrey. But it was lyricist Javed Akhter – Shabana Azmi’s husband, who was on front pages. It was not his poetry but his tweet: “Why the suspension of those 67 Kashmiri students who cheered Pakistan is revoked. They should be rusticated and sent back to Kashmir.”


Two terrible incidents took place this Womens’ Day. A tempo driver in Darhal sexually assaulted a female passenger in the vehicle he drove. He is arrested. Another incident suggested Masood Ahmad, a Sarpanch of Bhan in Kulgam had declared two women dead and grabbed the widow pensions they were getting. Ahmad has been arrested after the racket was exposed by some RTI activist. In another revelation from Chadder block, a latrine stands allotted to Nazira under Bharat Nirman Abhiyan, a housewife who is dead for two years.


It might have happened for the first time. As 16 passengers crossed over to this side from Kaman Bridge at the LoC abode ‘peace bus’, a landslide hit the road near Red Bridge. It was a devil and deep sea situation. The doors at the rare bridge were closed and opening them would require a flag meeting. Moving ahead was life threatening. The only option was to take the night long refuge in a small bunker of Uri based 12 brigade. These included 11 PaK and five J&K nationals. They started towards Srinagar after a night halt in a bunker.


BJP Lok Sabha candidate Jugal Kishore is facing a murder case! Dina Nath of lower Kathar in Manwal says he has registered a murder case against Kishore and his three brothers for murdering his son Raj Singh on March 30, 1999. Nath alleged that Kishore brothers picked a battle with his son after he bagged a contract for railway bridge protection work. Nath has registered FIR 44/1999 under section 302 RPC against Kishore brothers in Jhajjar Kotli police station. He claims police have not acted against them. The family met BJP leaders including Nitin Gadkari but it did not help them get justice. Jugal says it is political conspiracy.


It happened again. The municipal officials in Islamabad seized nearly a dozen dead sheep while being slaughtered. They were seized near Shirpora while being driven in from Haryana, skipping the Lower Munda toll post check where CAPD has a permanent team. Locals had alerted the municipal officials. When they reached the spot, four had already been slaughtered. Interestingly police has not registered any case so far. Now the CAPD will issue two rate cards for mutton: one for meat from animals slaughtered alive and another for which are slaughtered dead!


AAP-KashmirThe famous Urdu couplet Aap Aayay, Bahaar Aiyee felt a rudimentary shift in Bandipore last week. As soon as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Dr Muzaffar Bhat and Co drove towards the main town with drummers offering an attractive background beats, it lead to stone pelting. AAP barely fled to safety and reached police station for registering a case. Regardless of who did it and why, the couplet is changed:  AAP Aayay, Pathar Barsay!


It is not an ordinary thing that police have done. While settling the hitherto blinder murder of a mahant Raju Giri, alias Chikna Baba, whose chopped body was recovered from Tawi on March 9, 2014, the police have made revelations which are sensational. Firstly, the killer was a Sadhu identified as Sarwan Pandey alias Mahant Veer Giri alias Sita Ram Baba. A resident of Lakshman Qila, Ayodhya in UP, Pandey is occupying Bhoot Nath temple on Tawi Banks. Secondly, he was helped in the murder by Mohammad Salim Khan alias Ravi Giri alias Baltal Baba, a resident of Kaliyar Sharief, Roorkee, in Uttarakhand. Finally, the murder was the outcome of rivalry over drug peddling.

After 49 week training, 256 recruits from across J&K were formally inducted as Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAKLI) soldiers last week


Underground water around Achan dumping site is phenomenally polluted. Its turbidity is 6190 times the maximum permissible limits. It is 5760 times at 110 feet, 5180 times at 160 ft, and 4530 times at 220 ft.


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