Modi-in-JammuIn his speech when BJP’s Narendra Modi coined three AKs as India’s threat, it was mischief at his best. AK Antony as a defender of Pakistani actions, AK 47 as the main weapon unleashed by Pakistan that wreaked havoc across India and AK 49, Arvind Kajriwal who could barely stay as Delhi’s Chief Minister for 49 days. Kajriwal is pitted against him in Varanasi. It triggered interesting follow up. Many people see a huge possibility in a Bollywood film that can tackle ‘agent AK 49’. But the tragedy is that within a day after Modi’s visit, AK 47 came visiting the region again. Three militants appeared on Friday and scare took over in Kathua.  As encounter ended  5 persons were declared among 3 militants.


Ghulam Rasool Bhat, a PDP Sarpanch representing Sheeri belt has received something interesting: a ‘threat letter with a live bullet’. The letter was found pasted on his shop’s shutter and it had a live bullet along with. It is purportedly a LeT initiative and police are investigating the case. But the letter has revived old memories in Srinagar. Militants marked their arrival in 1988 by sending similar letters to the editors in Srinagar. Sofi Ghulam Mohammad, who had received one such letter, summoned an open meeting of editors in Partap Park. History repeats itself!


Missing-BoyRoman Amin Ganai (15) of Jandwaal who was missing from Mahindra Park (Azadpora) since November 2013 was located by Delhi police in Manjhgaon (Maharashtra). He was traced in a raid and finally handed over to his family. The boy says he was given anaesthesia by some unidentified persons while going to washroom in Azadpora Mandi. They took away his Rs 300 and drove him away unconscious. It sounds the boy was a victim of child traffickers.


Univeristy-of-Kashmir-LogoOfficials do not deny it has happened. A junior assistant registrar had promised accommodation to a recently employed female casual labour. She got it but the official was caught with his pants down with the same lady in the same accommodation. It sounded quid pro quo. Officials and the police have told reporters that while they do not deny the incident has not happened, the problem is that the man and woman say it was consensual. Nobody is making a compliant that will make a case out of it. That essentially means the University of Kashmir lacks a moral code of conduct!


Not a new trend but it started showing again. At least two candidates who filed their assets detail with the Election Commission have shown their wives owning more than them. It is Shameema Azad, wife of health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anil Gupta’s wife. Gupta is son of erstwhile BJP leader Chaman Lal Gupta. Azad and his wife have declared assets of Rs 4.14 crore and most of it owned by his singer wife. Gupta, a businessman, has declared assets worth Rs 5.15 crore and most of it owned by his wife.


Mumbai-BriefingIt sounds a film plot. It is about a Srinagar girl Sumeira Pala who lives with her parents in a Dal lake houseboat. The 24 year old was struck by scoliosis, a condition of the spine where it bends abnormally taking the shape of a curve instead of staying erect, at the age of seven. She lived with the condition through her childhood but as it progressed in her teenage years, it took a toll on her body posture. She could no longer stand or sit straight as her body got tilted towards one side. It forced her to give up her studies at 10th standard. In this backdrop, Rakesh Sharma, a Mumbai Police Inspector appears in the frame. He is the same Sharma whom Pala’s dad had given Rs 50 in Srinagar in 1985 when he had nothing in pocket. Nearly 30 years after, he wanted to repay his debt! So he talked to Dr Ashok Rathod, the spine surgeon at Sion Hospital. The girl, who had a botched-up surgery in Amritsar hospital when she was only seven, underwent a 10-hour long operation on January 21. A month later, she regained her body balance, posture and her self-confidence too.

Of the 1288451 households (63.9% of state population) having access to tap water, 589278 households (29.2%) consume water from untreated sources.


 Election Commission is deploying female employees on election duty – 2000 in Jammu alone. The Commission has ruled that in case of death during duty, they will get a compensation of Rs 20 lakh.



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