24kashmir13After words spread that hundreds of families fleeing floods from posh Rajbagh, Jawahar Nagar have left golden ornaments behind, fortune hunters are getting into the belts. This has led to massive tightening of the security around the areas especially during nights when Rajabgh-Jawahar Nagar looks like a literal ghost town with no lights and only howling pariah’s around. Cops believe the formal statement by the government that floods have got snakes to the city will hopefully discourage the ‘gold miners’. Already many snakes were caught in the SMHS hospital during mud-cleaning.


2kashmir4Prime Minister Modi started a major sanitation drive. After his live speech at India gate, government officials and the politicians in all states took up brooms in their hands and started clearing streets across India. Termed to be a more practical extension of the earlier initiatives, Modi’s speech set TV was on fire. But what was interesting was Delhi government preferred Jammu over Srinagar. A central minister visited Jammu and a CRPF detachment was seen having symbolical photo-up in old city. After the devastating floods, Srinagar does not require any cleanliness!


Pandith-Ajay-KumarJKLF leader who was made to face music by the Indian TV has got a support from a very interesting front: a Brahim priest of a temple around Lal Chowk. Pandith Ajay Kumar, who was trapped in Lal Chowk’s Yatri Niwas temple along with his family and lot many people from Ayodhya (UP) waited for Delhi’s Vahans for a long time and on fourth day, it was Malik who came to his rescue. Malik frequently visited him with rations, provisions and even medicine. The situation made his mother to have food from Muslim hands first time. Yasin Malik Zindabad, he says.


Eng Farooq KhanIt is literally a life time. Farooq Ahmad Khan, a mechanical was acquitted by a Jaipur court after 18 years. Arrested by SOG on May 23, 1996 and shifted to Tihar Jail, Khan was accused of triggering blasts in Delhi in 1996. Four others also arrested with him for the same charge were awarded lifers. Khan did engineering from Madras and higher studies from London and joined PHE in 1991. After five years of active service he was arrested. Although he was acquitted by a Delhi court in Lajpat Nagar blasts, he had to face another case in Jaipur. Farooq’s two daughters were five and two years old when he was arrested. Now they are grown-ups and his father is also no more. It will take Farooq a lot of time to cope up with the era that is in net deficit.


jammu dead girlWith J&K deluged in devastation, the rival armies are back to their routine. The latest came from Poonch, one of the flood impacted area of state, where a young girl died and four others were injured in shelling from Pakistan in Sabjian sector. Around 40 houses in six border villages suffered damages as 81 mm mortars landed. Identified as Zahida, she was immediately rushed to hospital along with his injured brother after a shell exploded in theirhouse, but she died midway. A BSF man was also reported dead in a related accident.


shaktiJKPs inspector Shakti Devi has received International Female Police Peacekeeper Award – 2014 at the 52nd International Association of Women Police Conference, Winnipeg, Canada. Devi has been with police for 14 years and is currently with UN mission in Afghanistan since 2013. She earlier has served UN peace mission in Timor – Leste in 2012.


When there is will, there always is a way. To manage rescue of their six members living in Hyderpora, four of their relatives came on foot from Kishtwar. At the time of floods, reports indicated 930 residents were trapped in Srinagar. In fact a mother and two of her siblings drowned in Rajbagh. Using whatever they could lay hands on, they finally reached their relatives who were in attic of a two story house and running out of rations.


 Floods cut Jhelum embankment at 31 places and Flood Spill Channel at 20 spots between Pampore and Parimpora.

 261 persons were rescued by a state owned modified Bell Helicopter that worked with a pilot and a cop.


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