Afaq Ahmed Giri

Kashmir IRS officer Afaq Ahmed Giri will sail to the Antarctica, the South Pole, to study various aspects of climate change. As a member of 80 environmentalists and climate change experts, Giri is leaving on February 27, from Ushuaia (Argentina). Resident of Bankoot (Banihal), Giri joined IRS in 2015. The 2041 Climate Force team is led by Robert Swan for the international Antarctica expedition.


BJP is trying its bit to restore Hinduism in its puritanical form. BJP’s Jammu MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, has invested Rs 3 lakh from his MPLAD fund to construct a community cremation shed, exclusively for upper castes. Interestingly, it is just 20 steps away from an existing cremation shed. Now the Jumian village is lucky! Of its 120 homes, half are so called upper castes and half are SC.


For the first time since 2003, the skirmishes between rival armies led to temporary migration of 25 families in Uri sector. Residents of the cluster of villages on the foothills of Haji Peer sector, a couple of their houses suffered damage in a brief exchange. Though the travel and “trade” that takes places on the Slamabad side remained unaffected, it still forced authorities to create a transit camp. Shelling exchanges between the two countries have claimed more people in 2018’s three fortnights than in last many years.


Within days after Pakistan announced they will giving official status to the Mandarin, one of key official Chinese languages, the government spokesman Naeem Akhter discovered an interesting angle to Beijing’s Kashmir involvement. He said Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar is being protected by China. Reason: “China has been regularly vetoing attempts to designate him (Azhar) as a terrorist in the UN. Such things don’t happen without reason. Why only him? Why not others? Why didn’t China block such moves in UN against other people? The China connection needs to be understood.” Is it true? Even Omar asked Delhi.


Delhi would love Kashmir’s separatist camp to contribute in peace-making. But they should do it while staying at home! They have not been able to even move around. But last week was different when Syed Ali Geelani was seen talking to Yasin Malik at SKIMS. It took a bit of time to understand that it was meeting between two patients rather than two leaders. Malik was admitted to SKIMS and Geelani had gone for a test. They met. By evening the “political process” got somehow halted on virtual media!


Apparently, in a bid to stay in news, Kashmir lawmaker Er Rasheed makes does one or the other thing. Sometimes, it boomerangs. Last week, he was literally in tears on phone when he talked about the mal-treatment by police when he was protesting against the detentions in his constituency. It was faithfully reported. He said he was on fast in protest. The same evening a picture was viral on Facebook showing a happy Rasheed having Nun Chai with the same police. Did the cops help him break his past?

July 2016 to February 2017, Kashmir lost 51 people, 9042 were injured (368 by bullets, 6221 by pellets, 4 by PAVA)


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