hotographs deployed in crisis situations often become news. The last one was Kavin Carter who had clicked that world famous picture of how a famine stricken Sudanese girl was collapsing with a vulture waiting in the background. Once the pictures bagged the Pulitzer, the people started asking about the fate of the girl. It led Carter to attempt suicide. Last week, came the picture from Aleppo in Syria where Abd Alkader Habak, a videographer put his camera aside and started rescuing an injured child. He later broke down watching the kids dead and charred. He won many hearts across the globe. Almost copying what his colleague did in Syria, AP photographer Dar Yasin while shooting a protest in Braripora, Srinagar found a girl hit by a stone and was bleeding. He put his camera off, and took the girl out of the deserted road. “She was profusely bleeding as the stone lobbed by a CRPF bunker hit her forehead,” Dar told Kashmir Life. “There was nobody around. I thought I am a father of two daughters and rushed to get her out to Sekidafar where people stopped a car and drove her to the hospital.” Identified as Kulsooma, the girl was treated and is probably discharged. As Dar was taking the school goer out of harm, Faisal Khan clicked this picture.


In The Jewels of the World collection, an exhibition of coloured gemstones from around the world being showcased at Bonhams Hong Kong as part of its forthcoming Rare Jewels and Jadeite auction, is a rare Kashmir sapphire. The carefully curated 103 lots of gemstones go to sale on May 31. The Sapphires mined by late nineteenth century weighs 4.21 carts is estimated to cost somewhere between US$170,000 and 230,000.


The BSF man Tej Bahadur Yadav who had used social media to complain about the poor food quality in his mess was dismissed from service. Officially his dismissal came after an internal inquiry found him guilty of making false accusations. His FB video had appeared on January 9, when he was posted in Pir Panchal valley, somewhere closer to the border. The video became butt of ridicule from Pakistani rangers. Though he had sought premature retirement, it was dismissed. Finally he was sacked. Interestingly, Congress wants to honour him.


Kashmiri students studying outside J&K are facing music these days. It was so intense that Home Minister Rajnath Singh had to issue an advisory to all states seeking protection to the Kashmiri students. In UP that was the latest state where BJP came to power, there was a hoarding asking Kashmiri students to leave. This lead to massive unrest and the Kashmiri students assembled to register a formal protest. Earlier, protests erupted in Mewar University (Chittorgarh) after Kashmiri students were attacked by locals in the market. Two students were injured in the attack. Attacks on Kashmiri students increased after surfacing of some videos during and after Lok Sabha polls.


Two killings last week posed a fresh set of uncomfortable questions. One in which Muzaffar Ahmad Mir, a labourer from a Kulgam village was hit by a bullet in an event in which his trucker employer Omar Farooq was killed. Mir had received a bullet in thigh and had not reported any major blood loss when he landed in SKIMS. He died of medical negligence and SKIMS has no answers. Second is Sajjad Ahmad Sheikh, a resident of Chadoora, whom BSF killed in Batamaloo. People ask why the BSF had entered the interior of Batamaloo. With these two killings, the overall toll in Lok Sabha related incidents reached 10.


Since 2012 Kashmir witnessed 29 internet shutdowns, 10 in 2016 alone, Software Freedom Law Centre says


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