salman-khan-5Mufti Sayeed was camping in Mumbai to encourage Bollywood to return to Kashmir when Salman Khan was shooting his Bajrangi Baijaan here. But his Pahalgam scheduled concluded differently from his usual reel life roles as a court in Mumbai convicted him for a case. During his Pahalgam stay, Khan had grabbed a lot of media attention and had even adopted a family of a destitute. He had arranged construction material for building them a home. He even had planned a 10 day holiday at Sonamarg. Though the film is yet to conclude, Khan is expected to have a last visit for few more shots once he gets some relief from the high court.


ambulancepicsState’s principal financial institution J&K Bank donated six ambulances to the Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar as part of its CSR commitment. It also contributed Rs 5 lakh to the SMHS Welfare Trust that takes care of needy patients. Last year, the bank donated five state of the art dialysis machines, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) and Colour Doppler Ultrasound (CDU) machine to SKIMS. It has given Computed Radiography (CR System), five Multi-para Monitors and Boyles Apparatus Machines to GMC in Jammu, too.


Karan_Singh_1706700gThe soft spoken ‘heir apparent’ Dr Karan Singh is angry over Kashmiri Pandits seeking decontrol of their temples and faith related assets from the Dharmarth Trust he heads. He was almost threatening telling KPs “not to indulge” and “not to poke their nose” in the Trust affairs. He even asked them to stop collecting donations from the Trust run temples, ridiculed their claims of being “only Hindus in the country” and insisted the shrines in Kashmir “can by no stretch of imagination be considered the property of Kashmiri Pandits”. He even said that the shrines related bill, if passed by the legislature, will keep the Trust run temples outside its purview! But wherefrom this Congressman got this much of courage? The state legislative council where his two sons represent BJP and PDP!


Hari-Niwas-SrinagarSuccessive regimes spent millions on official residences of J&K’s Chief Executives in Srinagar but Srinagar lacks an address that can be called the CM House. Incumbent Mufti Sayeed has decided to operate from his Fairview Guest House residence that once was the Papa-II. He has turned down the offer of shifting to neighbouring Hari Niwas Palace, which last Maharaja Hari Singh had built for his wife but eventually was used by his court singer. This palace was renovated by Ghulam Nabi Azad with an investment of Rs 12 crore. The ‘haunted’ palace is being outsourced for high end wedding destinations at a premium. The idea is to attract moneyed so that they spend. Not a bad idea, Sirji!


BJP-decorated-party-flags-outside-secretariat-srinagarThe pain in the PDP camp on the opening of Durbar Move was visible but they could do nothing. On the first day of the reopening of the secretariat here, BJP had decorated most of the road leading to the secretariat using their party flag, a move never seen or heard of either in Srinagar or Jammu. BJP leaders talked loudly that they celebrated the day because it is historic for them. Others said they wanted to react to the unfurling of Pakistani flags. Some of them showered their ministers with flower petals as they entered into the concrete monster. People saw it and credited PDP for paving the way for it and the party leaders talked only in hushed tones.


Chaudhary-Lal-Singh-Pardaphash-162032BJPs ‘foot in-mouth’ health minister Lal Singh is facing music as High Court wants the government to retrieve 316 kanals of land from his family run RB Educational Trust. Located in Karandi Khurd (Hiranagar), Singh is building a Farm House on the land that he owns in violation of Agrarian Reforms Act. Various investigations into the case have established the violation and land grabbing. Modi’s Achay Din in J&K seem to have started.


Footfalls at Vaishno Devi in first four months of three years are showing a decline: 19.57 lakh in 2015, 21.52 lakh in 2014 and 27.14 lakh in 2013



PDP government says they inherited a resource shortfall of Rs 9500 crore


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