Abrar-BhatAbrar Bhat’s vision was overtaken by ‘night blindness’ in 2003 and by 2008 he was blind. But this 25 year old from Srinagar has exhibited resilience that he is currently studying BA in Delhi University and is confidently travelling to Delhi and Dehardun all alone. He is reported to be perhaps the first Kashmiri student who has learnt skills for visually impaired that China and Japan have developed. Enrolled in National Institute of Visually Impaired and Handicapped (NIVH) in Dehradun, he has Non-Visual Desktop Access to his computer and is a FB, gmail and Whatsapp user.


Bushra-NabiBushra Nabi is 15 and she has already had a yearlong stay in US. Now this student of the DPS in Budgam is flying to Thailand on Kurt Hahn scholarship. Reported to be one of the two students from India who bagged the Phuket International Academy scholarship, Bushra will spend two years studying in Thailand till she passes the twelfth standard. She was in US under KL-YES exchange in 2013.


It might prove a rebirth of the wheel that has moved to oblivion. SKUAST has redesigned and improved the wheel which looks modern, better and not-so-bad for the women who spend hours on the wheel. It is foot-propelled, table-top spinner that women may find much better as lab trials suggest it to be 73% more efficient. This spinner could become handy for the policymakers and the champions for hand-made crafts to ensure a fast return to the basics. Some people are using it and now Science & Technology department intends to make 150 pieces available for Rs 1000 each.


Sikh-youth-stabs-police-man-over-bhindra-walay-issueIt was never expected to get so ugly. Last week some Sikh youth were observing the anniversary of Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, the Punjab separatist whom Operation Blue Star consumed with the Golden Temple in 1984. As the cops removed his poster, an angry man stabbed the police officer right on the spot. Tensions surged. Next day, brick bating unleashed in the Gaddhigarh belt and ended with the death of Jagjeet Singh. Police say they have arrested many and are in control of situation. But tensions are still around and parts of Jammu are still under curfew.


Sunil Kumar who trounced Sajjad Kichloo in 2014 polls and became a minister from Kishtwar is the trusted RSS man in the BJP. Last week, he married. But it was not Kumar but many other ministers who landed in the controversy. To join his Baraat, they had flown in state chopper. The state chopper flew twice to get Baraatis’ – Mr and Mrs Nirmal Singh with Ms Priya Sethi in the first sortie; Lal Singh, Bali Baghat and Altaf Bukhari in the second one. There were lesser mortals too like Sukhnandan and Javed Mustafa Mir who drove to Kishtwar. Who will foot the bill – RSS, BJP or the PDP?


Masrat-AlamPDP tried to celebrate his release though he was set free by the court. Then Delhi used its levers and the police arrested hardcore separatist Masarat Aalam and was driven to Kot Balwal. Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed indicated he personally saw evidences against him and was convinced Aalam’s should move back to jail. Now the High Court wants the preventive detainee to stay closer to home. He has claimed that he is facing threat to his life in the jail. Now when Aalam moves to Srinagar, will there be celebrations again?


It happens, albeit rarely. But if it involves business or politics, it moves to front pages. Congressman Mangat Ram Sharma, the former Deputy Chief Minister, was accused of many things during his career. Now at the fag end of his life, he is facing a case. One of his sons, Rajnish Sharma is taking him to court along with his other son and a nephew. He is accused of acquiring 4 kanal land in Rajnish’s name but gifting it to his grandson Nitin, son of Subash. Rajnish is accusing his father of giving land to his grandson “on the basis of forged illegal and sham documents.” Writ petition even says Sharma Sr at 82 has “attracted split mental behaviour” and is used to forgetfulness of which other are taking benefit.

Of the 2816 mobile towers, police says 1058 were impacted by the threats issued by a shadowy and controversial outfit.

State government informed the High Court that army occupies 305 acres, 5 kanals and 13 marlas of land against an allotted limit of 130 acres.

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