Ms-mehbooba-Mufti-at-DargahIn a first, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti joined the Hazratbal congregation and prayed with the devotees. She has interacted with the devotees and seen the arrangements around. Her presence indicated a major shift as earlier male Chief Ministers would pray in the main mosque. Now the focus has shifted to the female enclosure. If she makes it a routine, the SSG, that protects her, will have to get in female commandos who would join her in prayers as is the norm at Hazratbal for VVIPs. In absence of the female SSGs, Chief Minister had taken her bosom friend and lawmaker Anjum Fazili with her. But that has negated the impact of the event because Ms Fazili, unlike assembly, had not been briefed by anybody about how to pray.


Pulwama-AttackSix attacks in six months. Highways 35km Bijbehara-Pampore stretch has apparently turned into a death trap for convoys and patrols. Last week’s attack on a CRPF bus, killing eight and injuring 27 was the worst of all. The ambush sent Delhi into tizzy and forcing various MHA teams flying to Srinagar. While they all have been talking about up-scaling the security, neither of the teams is interested in seeing why this all is happening?


Yasha-MudgalShe cut her wrist and was barely saved as the domestic help rushed her to hospital. A day later, Yasha Mudgal was shifted to Delhi. But that has not set the wagging tongues at rest. The issue cropped up in both the houses. Lawmakers are saying that since attempt to suicide is a cognizable offence, why the case was not registered. And, who was responsible for pushing the lady officer to such a level of distress? The government has fiercely defended the IAS officer but lacks the argument.


Omer-Along--payalIt might have been easy for Muftis to make Omar Abdullah vacate the CM office, but dealing with his separated wife is giving them a tough time. Payal Singh is not ready to evacuate the CM’s official residence in Delhi. Guarded by 94 security men, Payal is dwelling the plush Bungalow with her two sons. Her reason to house the structure is Z-security concern for her children. Though state has issued many notices to Payal to vacate the bungalow but all in vain. The former first lady is not responding. Although separated from Abdullah clan, she still dares the estate men that they can’t go against Sheikh Abdullah’s progeny. Now, that’s interesting!


kulgamIt was like whipping someone in their own backyard by the outsiders. This is what happened when Ram Pal, an auto mobile driver from Haryana, was asked to vacate from Kulpora Kulgam. Behind the village-level dictum was the molestation accusation against Pal. Villagers thought they would be safe now, but Pal had his own idea to settle the scores. He surprised them all when he turned out to be an army man and came back with army’s counter insurgent wing 9RR to thrash the villagers. In an ensuing beating, even children, women and oldies weren’t spared. For the moment, villagers returned to 1990s.

4125 VDCs have Caught/Killed 14 militants in 26 years since 1995



1292 Families Migrated to PaK since 1990


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