Police are investigating Sandeep Kumar Sharma, a resident of Muzzafarnagar. Arrested from south Kashmir, Kumar is termed a Lashakr operative, who operated under the code name Aadil and was involved in ATM robberies.  Sharma has been working as welder in Kashmir during summers since 2012. Police says he came in touch with Shahid Ahmad, a Kulgam resident, and started robberies. With his two accomplices, Sharma got in touch with Lashkar and they looted ATMs on sharing basis. Lashkar has denied its links with Sharma. But police in UP have arrested some of his family members for investigations. His brother has said that if police are correct, they should kill Sharma.

In a bid to create a single culture, the planners in Delhi are extending everything to Kashmir which they have devised for south or centre of India. One wonder is the mid-day meal scheme which most of Kashmir may not require. But it is being implemented without the adequate systems in place. In Madiya Kamalkote, a sixth standard student suffered severe burn injuries when a container filled with freshly cooked mid day meal overturned on his body. It was his teacher who sent Rashid Khan, a minor, to get the cooked meals from the chef, living 200 meters away. Unable to manage the load, it spilled on his body. Tragically, the teacher did not take him to the hospital.


The non-lethal systems introduced to manage Kashmir are lethal. That has been proved by the new generation of blinds. Now the Kannauj-based Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) is working on another thing, a unique grenade that will stink the locality where it is used. They call it stink bomb. The capsule has already been developed and is awaiting approval from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Get ready, now stinking is official.


Trichal village in Pulwama witnessed routine Kashmir culture on display when the aged Tej Kishan passed away. The entire village population assembled for his last rites and managed it well. Muslims carried the hearse to the cremation ground and lit the fire too. Though the event missed the prime time TV, the fact is this is just a routine in Kashmir. Some of the Kashmiri pundits who did not leave their homes lived lonely lives and their routine has been completely dependent on their Muslim neighbours that do not exclude their last rites.


Survey by an NGO has suggested, Kashmir has a population of 535 pellet victims and 229 of them are below 20 and 167 of them were actually going to school when the crippling arsenal hit them. Most of them belonged to low income classes and in fact 225 of them were doing menial jobs. In 213 of them visual ability is zero. Another report puts the number of pellet-blinded people at 16 while 161 are reduced one-eyed in last one year. Pump guns that sprays pellets were romanticised by security agencies as non lethal but they have created a new section of underdogs.


Ever since the cartographers drew the lines that became the Line of Control (LoC), it has never stopped eating the people straddling the line. Last week, it was terrible when a Pakistani shell landed at the house of Mohammad Shaukat at Karmara village. The explosion killed him and his wife Safi as three of their daughters – Zaida Kouser (6), Robina Kouser (12) and Nazia Bi – survived seriously injured. Shaukat was a Territorial Army soldier who was on leave with his family. In the retaliation, five civilians were killed on the other side of the Line and tragically, it included two mothers as their daughters survived injured. This process of the people living getting devoured by the divide, not of their making, is an old story that rarely finds mention in the mainland narrative.


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