They fired at each other and killed many people from the two sides. It jammed life in the belt and forced a halt on the cross-LoC passenger and trade movement. PaK passengers stranded in Poonch were finally sent home through Uri. Finally they choose the option that is the only one: talk. So the two delegations of the rival armies from India and Pakistan had a detailed flag meeting at Chakan da Bagh last week. It was a 50-minute meeting between battalion commanders in which both sides exchanged their concerns. The two sides decided to keep the communication channels open and insisted the importance of restraint. Compared to 2016, the two armies have been fighting more often now.


It was a mobile phone clip that shocked people when it was posted on the social media: a copy literally forcing an old woman to pay his “share”. He actually got into the bag of the poor lady and forced her to cough up Rs 100 in Ramban market during broad day light. Basant Rath, the DIG of the area, was quite fast in investigating it. The man was identified immediately and his services put under suspension. The action followed after the lady – Darmali wife of Ghoutoya, a resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan, submitted a written complaint. She is selling medicinal herbs, near the bus stand. An FIR was registered and action initiated. DIG termed the head constable as one of the “few rotten individuals” who can not be permitted to destroy the department.  “I’ll do my best to make an example out of this despicable incident,” he wrote.


Jammu rural is in the grip of a serious tension. Women are facing the prospect of somebody chopping off their braids during sleep. So far more than 20 cases were reported across a vast belt. It invariably happens during sleep, regardless of whether it is day or the night. Though police have started investigations, there has not been any outcome so far. The trend took off from rural Rajasthan and then Himachal, UP and Madhya Pradesh reported the ‘hair-cutting’ incidents in early August and gradually moved towards Jammu. Finally, J&K is getting integrated. Various women were hospitalized after they fell ill seeing their braids chopped off. Every chopping has its interesting detail.


Sofi Ghulam Mohiuddin, who was seen as a proxy minister in Mufti Sayeed’s cabinet, is no more. He died at the age of 68. Sofi was elected as an “independent” in 2002 and became the forest minister. Seen as a proxy candidate of Sajjad Lone’s People’s Conference, Sofi finally quit his parent organization and joined PDP in 2013. He contested against Sajad Lone, for whom he earlier campaigned during Lok Sabha. Sofi is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.


The police in Baramulla searched the district jail last week and recovered twenty cell-phones and some “incriminating material”. This is the second instance in which the mobile phones were recovered from the jail. Earlier in April, the police had recovered 14 phones in a similar operation. Now police is investigating the jail staff because phones can not get into the jail without them knowing it.


When a few hundred students of Women’s’ College Parade came out in protest and blocked the main road, it announced the fact that Sangh Parivaar’s oldest laboratory is fast experimenting things. Most of the protesting students were girls from minority community. They alleged that some of the staff members have launched a literal campaign against the Abhaya – that incidentally is the signature dress of Chief Minister – and in cases, they are being asked to keep their duappta’s off their head while in college. They said some teachers were using the foulest language in the premises. They alleged that the principal was dictating dress code upon them which they will not accept. While principal Dr Anita Sudan and the peon are keen to enforce dress code and banish Abhaya, students said the basic facilities have gone to dogs. Students and monkeys have the same drinking water source, for instance.


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