MLA-SonwarFirst investigation pre-dated government formation in Kashmir. Perhaps no believing his own triumph over Abdullah scion, PDP’s Muhammad Ashraf Mir allegedly fired gunshots from his PSO’s AK-47. The rifle has long history in Kashmir, but Mir’s hand twisted the tale. Though police says they are investigating the matter, Omar Abdullah dared to register FIR against the accused with a sigh of relief that he did not lose from Beerwah. With stalemate on and PDP patron at cross roads, Mir’s alleged action invited some more queries. Is it part of PDP’s renewed ‘healing touch’ policy?


Omar-AbdullahAfter fighting ‘alone’, Omar Abdullah is finally with his parents in London. Desperate Omar who missed his parents went across the sea to give ` hug to his mama and Papa’. Born to a British mother, Omar’s second home is London. Off late, father-son duo is praying for the peace in the sub continent. May be the recent poll results have changed their heart from politics to prayers.


Nasreen did not know borders exist. Unknowingly she stepped on the soil of the other side of the Kashmir. The 12-year-old girl is happy and impressed the way she was treated. Finally after staying for three days, she was handed over by Pakistan army. A resident of Sahura village, Nasreen enjoyed her stay. On her return, she could not resist and was keenly looking back towards other part of Kashmir while entering into this part. She was gifted two boxes and a school bag. After paper work and medical examination, Nasreen returned home with her mother and memories.


Who starts it is a mystery as both sides claim to react only. This is how India and Pakistan behave at the border. Modi and Nawaz led governments on both sides are witness like their predecessors. The fight is on and 2015 seems no exception. And the latest is when four Pakistani rangers were killed in BSF’s strong retaliation after a BSF man lost his life in heavy firing from the other side on a patrol party. Reports say that as Pakistani rangers suffered casualties, they waved white flags asking BSF to stop the firing so that they can lift the bodies of their dead men. When the colour of flag will change and what is story on the other side is still a mystery.


After Gujrat police, it was Gujrati newspaper who labelled Kashmiri research scholar Adil Hussain as a spy. The repercussions would have been serious but fortunately university stepped in. The VC of university where Hussain is pursuing his research called editor of newspaper. Matter was sorted out as the daily apologized for the news item. Not only this, VC also issued statement to local police in defence of Adil. Varsity officials assure safety of Adil and thus he is on way back to continue his research. Adil, be grateful for being fortunate.


Geelani-house-arrestAging and ailing Syed Ali Geelani continues his ‘detention’ streak. 2015 did not change much for veteran separatist leader. On the second day of 2015, Geelani was again barred from offering Friday prayers. In 2014 only, he was barred thirty five times from being part of congregational Friday prayer. With election process already over, why Geelani is still a threat! May be new government has a clue?


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