Parvez-RasoolFinally being Kashmiri played in the career of Parveez Rasool. This is what his coach believes that because “he was born in a wrong state like Jammu and Kashmir” that star cricketer failed to make the cut in the 15-member world cup squad. “Had Rasool been from any other state, he would have been selected,” Abdul Qayoom is quoted to have said. The coach said he had himself met the same fate, when he was playing cricket. A good all rounder, when it came to selection he was considered in the group of bowlers and dropped from the final list. Rasool was only player in team India who Kashmir was looking at. Otherwise when it comes to cricket, green dominates the valley.



It is official. Firecrackers will stop the fury of stray dogs besides implementation of section 133 CrPc. This is what suggests news coming from Saspol village of district Leh where a woman, mother of two, has been reportedly mauled to death by stray dogs. Wife of Lobzang Zotpa, victim Tashhi Yangzes’s badly mutilated body was identified through her mobile phone, which was recovered from the site of the incident. Such is the fear that police have deployed a four-member team in the village to restore confidence and sense of security among the residents. The situation is grim as the threat is internal in otherwise peaceful Leh.


Prof-Ab-GaniIt seems he is wedded to the controversies. Meet Professor and moderate separatist leader Abdul Gani Bhat. Persian expert, Prof Bhat has lived his most of political life with statements, creating chaos. The latest is when he was seen in fortified Gupkar to meet Mufti Muhammad Sayeed. As the news broke out, there was reaction from every quarter. Prof says Mufti is an old buddy, but the timing is being questioned. Why the friendship of yesteryears surfaced when the old buddy Mufti’s PDP has emerged with highest number of seats. Or else Professor had gone to teach Mufti a lesson about government formation. Old habits die hard.


N-N-VohraGovernor N N Vohra is finally in command. After care taker Chief Minister Omar Abdullah did not agree to be in chair and bowed out, in the restive state of Jammu and Kashmir, Governor’s rule has been implemented. This is for the sixth time that Governor’s Rule has been implemented in J&K. The rule is implemented under the provision of Section 92 of the State Constitution and the proclamation to this effect is issued by the Governor only after the consent of the President of India. This will remain valid for six months and in case if it is not possible to restore the Constitutional machinery before the expiry of this six month period, the provision of Article 356 of the Constitution is extended and the President’s rule will be imposed in the State. Interestingly, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is the only constant factor in imposition of all six Governor’s Rules, so far.


Aliyah-Pandolfi,-has-a-plan-to-save-ecology-of-KashmirPrincess comes to the rescue of Kashmir. Daughter of Kashmir-born Pakistani diplomat, Aliyah Pandolfi, has a plan to save ecology of Kashmir but with drones. The only hurdle is permission of New Delhi. Crazy about Kashmir, an MBA from George Mason University, Aliyah is moved to save endangered species like Hangul and Snow Leopard in the Valley. She is not alone; her husband, Dr Ronald Pandolfi who has 20-years of experience in application of robotics, communications, aircraft and weapons systems to counter poaching of endangered species is key force behind the project. Aliyah only repeats that, “I am simply crazy about Kashmir. My world starts from Kashmir and it ends in Kashmir”. Besides an urge to save ecology and wildlife Aliyah want trauma ridden people to exhibit unity and patience. If Delhi permits, drones will fly over Kashmir’s sky – but for a different cause.


Finally some respite for travellers on Srinagar-Jammu highway. All 4 tunnels between Jammu and Udhampur stretch of the arterial road were thrown open for traffic. With this, poor geometry, sharp curves, hair pin bends and steep grades of the stretch, will be a thing of the past. Not only smooth ride, tunnels stretched over 3.60 kilometres, along with series of new bridges, the distance between Udhampur and Jammu has been reduced by around 7 kilometres. For pedestrians there is footpath on both sides. Started in 2011, Rs 1814 crore Jammu-Udhampur road widening project was allotted to AFCON and the deadline was 2015. It is to be seen whether the National Highway Authority of India’s flagship project of four-laning Jammu-Srinagar Highway will meet its deadline or not.



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