People-participating-in-funeral-of-slain-militant-in-pulwamaSouth Kashmir Pulwama remained in news for many weeks now. It remained a front page item for two weeks because the youth wanted to raise a memorial for the ‘martyred’. Then a barber went missing and was recovered dead. Soon after, an encounter was reported following which people clashed with police killing civilian Parvaiz Ahmad Guroo. Seemingly, the town is angry with all. It did not listen to unionists during the memorial issue. Post Guroo, it rejected separatist call for a strike and kept the show going.


 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The adage was proven right in Khretti Larnoo hamlet where police indicted Ruqia Bano for stabbing her two infant children to death. Bano, police said, had fumed a whiff about her husband Tariq Wagay having extramarital affair. In order to teach her infidel husband a lesson, she carried out the chilling murders before attempting suicide. Regardless of how law will tackle Ruqia, the twin murders will always be remembered when a new story in infidelity will be in circulation.


Ill-Geelani‘Incarcerated’ octogenarian Syed Ali Geelani is unwell. Last Sunday he developed severe chest congestion and breathlessness forcing family to get doctor during wee hours and for most of the day he was on a ventilator. He started improving only in the late afternoon. Family says doctors had suggested him a decent walk a day, but the “illegal confinement” has restricted him to his home for a long time now.


JK-Bank-orphanageJ&K Bank has invested Rs 22 lakh to create an orphanage for girls at Balgran Chhani Rama. The home of which  bank’s CEO laid foundation last week has built up area of around 188 sq ft. Bank officials said their CSR efforts in the region have crossed Rs 60 lakh. It includes creation of three smart classrooms.


12th-Class-topper-science-stream-2015Twelfth standard results suggested the fall from grace of the elite schools as most of the positions were bagged by those not in the limelight. First position in science, for instance, was bagged by Muslim Educational Institution Pampore, a school that, in the last few years, is the new address in excellence. Every time the Board declares results, MEI is mentioned in the top 10. All the top seven positions in the arts stream this year were bagged by a residential school in Lal Bazaar that Jama’at-e-Islami runs. Even state run schools are doing better. Of 23 students who bagged first 10 positions, four belong to government schools.

Rs 1194 cr is the amount that Delhi released for J&K in January 2016 under Prime Minister’s special package for rebuilding flood-devastated houses.


1031903 children in the age group 1-5 were given oral Polio Immunization Vaccine across Kashmir


100 is the telephone number that must be dialled in Kashmir in case there is a rumour


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