Haider-Shahid-Kapoor-PheranBollywood biggy Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider that gave a new direction to approach Kashmir as a subject is always in news. Last news was that an Imam in an old city mosque lost his job for acting in the film. The latest is that the Pheran that actor Shahid Kapoor wore in the film is now a fashion statement. Interesting it is being called Haider Pheran and does not cost more than Rs 1500!! Good business. Why could not Poshish think of it?



Gul-e-badmash-peerGulzar Peer who was detained in May 2013 for converting his Budgam seminary into a Gräfenberg spot, has finally been acquitted with his honour intact. The court following the rules of its justice found lack of evidence and discrepancy in police investigation and set him free finally. Governance structure had already restored his honour by permitting his disciples to meet him in central jail in hoards. Post-release, he has skipped going home and has driven to Nendwani, which is his disciple hotspot. Nobody knows if the investigators are baptized into his Oshionate.


sarvar-khanThe fall of a flying machine over Laaman hills of Takiya belt has sent a Khan family in Hyderabad into mourning. Of the two persons slain in the chopper crash, the junior was a Hyderabadi Khan, Tahir, a Major in Army’s Aviation Corps. Resident of Suraram in Qutbullapur mandal, Khan was married barely eight months back. Interestingly, his two brothers are also soldiers – one a clerk and another IAF corporal.


It is finally death in the sensationally cruel Chopra murders of Jammu. The Principal Sessions Judge R S Jain has awarded death sentence to Sangram Pardhi and Nanju, the main accused in the case. The two were found fundamentally responsible for the brutal murders of R S Chopra, his wife Madu, their teenage daughter and a domestic help. Residents of Madhya Pradesh, they had come with meticulous planning to obliterate a family for gains. Chopra family is survived by two brothers Rohit and Puneet who survived because they were studying out.


Goa-Mysterious-Srinagar-Boy-KillingTensions are up. Earlier there were cases of harassment, now there is an alleged killing. Mehrajudin Chechu of Lone Mohalla Nowpora was running a handicrafts shop at Tilanggot Goa for several years. Last week he was found hanging from a tree. Though apparently it would seem to be suicide but the family is alleging Chechu was murdered.


Saifuddin Guna, known better as Saif Neelum is no more. The nonagenarian who was not doing well for a long time breathed his last in SKIMS last week. The man who took off from a modest background eventually created an impressive business empire of SAIFCO that now includes a rundown cinema hall, a huge cement manufacturing plant, a flour mill, SAIFCO Plaza and the impressive Taj Viventa overlooking the city. Survived by sons Altaf and Manzoor, the aged tycoon was in control of his empire for most of his life.


NDMA-expert-team-at-KargilNational Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) expert team has finally reached the remote Zanskar where the local river was blocked by a mountain. The lake is spreading fast and glaciating itself. As the temperatures are expected to improve, the melting would start. The district administration in Kargil has already evacuated people who could be impact by the river. Despite all this people are keeping their fingers crossed.

“In  2014, 146 militants were killed by forces and this year in January 12 militants were killed,” Lt Gen Saha said.

An earthquake of 3.5 magnitude occurred today at around 1:45 IST , at Latitude 34.0 North and Longitude 74.1 East at depth 14 KM was felt in Kashmir on Thursday.


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