The Kashmir stag, the Hangul, is set to be declared as a separate species, an issue being pursued by government since 2009. J&K’s state animal is a relative of European Red Deer and till now was biologically classified its sub-species. The 186 odd animals are restricted mostly to 140 odd sq kms of Dachigam National Park and a few forest pockets in Shikargah-Overa in the south and Surfrao-Akhal and Naranag-Wangath in Ganderbal. The species status to Hangul under Terim Red deer (Cervus hanglu) with three sub species has now been considered under this year’s re-assessment of the species by the IUCN. And now scientifically it will be grouped under Tarim Red deer Cervus hanglu instead of Cervus elaphus hanglu.


It might be difficult for Kashmir academic environs to have Azaadi slogans but that rule does not apply Delhi. At an event organised on February 22, by Ramjas college (Delhi University), where Khalid and Shehla Rashid were invited, students were recorded sloganeering: ‘Hum Kya Chahte Azadi, Kashmir Maange Azadi’. They were eventually attacked by ABVP students which took the event to the TV screens. Students apart, one professor was also seen shouting slogans, reports said.


Bollywood actress Prayrina Bhat, a Sarwal Jammu local, joined Vomedh Rangmanch-a renowned theatre group as its brand ambassador to promote the group in India and abroad. She works with the theatre group to propagate rich cultural heritage of Kashmiri Pandits. A dancer, Prayrina later started working in films and television.


When the surviving victims of the Kunan mass rape descended to Srinagar for commemoration of their tragedy, they were denied permission! Since 1991, the village is seeking justice but the case got some life after the SHRC passed an order on basis of which a team of defenders went to the court. As of now, the case is listed before the Supreme Court registry on March 02, 2017. Interestingly, it was the state government led by a woman politician that took the case to the Supreme Court.


With massive cell phone penetration, nothing lacks a record now. Even mass copying has a video. In Haran Soibugh, when somebody caught students mass copying, the 2-minute video went viral. It shows how best the cheating students use chits and even dictation. The video of tenth bi-annual examination emerged just a few days after police arrested two persons and recovered answer sheets of BA final year from them. They had stolen the papers from Women’s College in Srinagar.


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