Zeppelin-bandIt was Rock time and “Kashmir” literally broke down internet. Well, the resurgence of an English rock band Led Zeppelin is to be blamed for this. Forty years after the band released “Physical Graffiti” album, with the song “Kashmir,” the American Louisville Leopard Percussionists recreated the aura recently. The group made up of 7- to 12-year-olds from Kentucky played their version of “Kashmir” and its video took Internet by storm. More than 1.4 million views till date and counting. But know something: The band Led Zeppelin formed in London in 1968 had never been to Kashmir! Perhaps that’s why they say: Art needs no justification.


Suspense over the death of a pregnant lady of Pattan finally ended with exoneration of the accused doctors. Facing FIR in the death case of one Maryaem Banoo of Pattan, the “erring medicos” were exonerated by the inquiry committee. But here is the latest twist: Banoo’s family clearly rejected the findings of the inquiry committee on the grounds of having close relations between the accused doctors and the members of the inquiry committee. The death incident that sparked off clashes and protest in Pattan last year saw the district administration Baramulla constituting a team of 4 doctors to probe the matter. Though the family is now demanding a fair probe, but it seems the inquiry committee’s final word has stamped the case close.


1991-Sopore-MassacreThe 1991 Sopore Massacre case got a fresh lease of life on Thursday. CBI filed all the supporting documents of the case in a TADA court, Srinagar. Interestingly, the documents were filed 22 years after more than 50 civilians at Sopore fell to BSF bullets. But there was a hitch involved too. The victim families were denied the documents. But the entire investigation record is now finally before a court. On January 6, 1993, 94th Battalion of BSF allegedly killed more than 50 civilians at Sopore. Scores were injured. And, more than 500 shops and 20-25 houses were smoked up. But with justice still eluding the victim families, the latest development might be something to cheer about.


kashmir-swine-fluAs Swine Flu set off alarm bells ringing in valley, a central team of medical experts was deputed on war-footing to J&K for assessing the H1N1 Influenza situation. The team was asked to provide technical support and guidance for instituting public health measures. Already, the central ministry of Health and Family Welfare has rushed additional supplies of VTM, PPE, N95 Masks and medicines to the Regional Directorates of Health Services in state to combat the health menace. With number of positive cases rising, the panic buttons are playing loud at public psyche. Perhaps the panic will take some time to fade out.


wular-lake-kashmirIt was the most awaited summon for many people in Bandipora. But when finally it came, it readily spread smiles around. It was Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Sonawari who finally directed all persons having licensed guns to deposit the same at nearby Police Stations. To ensure fast-track pooling, the judiciary sternly warned that the violators would face the music. Clearing the confusion, the police later clarified that the step was taken to stop extensive poaching of the migratory birds in Wullar Lake and other wet lands. The lake is likely to retain its stillness now, no?

Karan Nagar

It was a total dilemma for a Noorbagh resident this past week. First three masked men robbed his car. And then three police stations refused him an FIR in the case. Well, the drama of sorts unfolded when a numberless Santro car hit Parvez A Najar’s Maxima vehicle near Bemina Court Complex. The three masked men then forcibly bundled him into their car and subsequently kicked him out of it at Government Medical College Karan Nagar. After the trio disappeared along with his vehicle, Najar’s ordeal only escalated. He approached police stations Karan Nagar, Qamarwari and Parimpora, which refused to lodge an FIR, citing the crime didn’t occur in their jurisdiction. But city police chief Amit Kumar ensured some action. So, is the episode any eye-opener? Let’s leave it to your imaginations.

The centre granted Rs.426.83 crore to the owners of severely and partially damaged pucca and Kacha houses in state for assistance. This aid will benefit 1.87 lakh owners of houses damaged in the floods.

Among 11 revenue-deficit states, Jammu and Kashmir will get the maximum grant of about Rs 60,000 crore in five-year period ending March 2020, as per the recommendations of 14th Finance Commission. 


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