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Javed Dar, who works as a photojournalist with China’s official news agency Xinhua was awarded outstanding employee of Xinhua News Agency for 2016. Javed was among eight employees chosen from across the globe for the award by the agency. Interestingly, Javed was the only photojournalist to have achieved the feat this year.

Javed participated in the ceremony, held at agency’s Honk Kong headquarters, through video conference from its New Delhi bureau office. He was presented with a citation, a medal and cash prize. In 2016, Javed recived National Photography Award that was presented to him by Information and Broadcast ministry Government of India for outstanding photojournalism.

Recently, Javed besides other 8 other photojournalists from Kashmir were featured in a photo book title “Witness”.

The book documents the turmoil in Kashmir.


Shabir Shah, one of the famous faces of nineties militancy, is out of the Geelani led Hurriyat. He blamed his inability to deliver as Secretary General of the party as he has been on-and-off under house arrest since last three years now. But once his resignation is formally accepted by Geelani, will he be able to live a normal life? However sources close to Shah suggest he felt sidelined ever since the joining of hands by Geelani, Malik and Mirwaiz! Let’s see who replaces him.


The recent screening of Kashmiri filmmaker’s short film ‘Who Dies’ at ‘New York Peace Film Festival’ brings Kashmir issue back to the silver screen. Made by actor and director, Shahnawaz Baqal, ‘Who Dies’ tells the tale of an army man and a Kashmiri militant. The film revolves around a situation they both are into and how they deal with it.

The film was screened at 10th “Film Saaz International Film Festival” in February this year. It also won best film award in prestigious Kala Ghoda film festival 2017.

Besides, the film was awarded best film on current issue at Jaipur International Film Festival, 2017. The film was also officially selected in Don Bosco Youth Film Festival 2017 to compete among 10 top films of India.


It was one of the worst kept secrets that recently was formally acknowledged by Prof Ramji Dass Sharma, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu. He startled everyone by saying that nearly 800 people were recruited without a proper and fair selection procedure by his predecessors. He called such questionable selections as roadblock in the fresh recruitment of meritorious manpower for the next 25 years. The revelation came in the wake of the ongoing strike of about 1,600 non-teaching and non-gazetted employees of the university. Those who were appointed by unfair means include relatives of university staff on posts like assistant professors etc.


‘Beware: you are under constant surveillance’ is the new keyword in Srinagar. In order to keep an eye on people, state police is planning to install a network of Close Circuit Camera TVs (CCTV) in Srinagar and other district headquarters of Kashmir Valley.

The surveillance programme will start from Srinagar and later spread out to all the major towns. In the first phase police will install cameras at 53 locations in the Srinagar city. For the purpose police has hired a Nagpur-based company, Neco Defense System. They will be responsible for installation of these surveillance cameras in Srinagar city. Clearly Kashmir is coming closer to Nagpur! Any doubts?


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