A Kashmiri man, who was serving Territorial Army, and posted in Gantmulla, has decamped with his service rifle. A resident of Pulwama, Zahoor Ahmad is now being sought by the police. It is not known why the man deserted the army but there are efforts to trace him. There have been various instances involving police, in which the deserters joined rebels.


The oldest saying about couples is their vow: ‘till death do us apart’. But there are few who have defied that as well. Soul mates, they die together. One such couple passed last week. Habibullah Malik, 65 of Kralpora Kupwara and his wife, died with a difference of barely five minutes on July 3. A couple married for 51 years, they are the new legend of love and togetherness. Suffering with acute jaundice for a few months, his wife helped him recite the Kalima moments before he died. Then, she was in excruciating pain and collapsed. They are sleeping side by side in the local cemetery, forever.



A Military Intelligence (MI) officer has told a journalist about how a young lady two-timed by her rebel lover got him dead and eventually was hanged. The officer Colonel Bipin Pathak, recently retired, has talked about “the brutal, exacting intelligence war in Kashmir”. After helping army kill her fallen lover, the officer has said the “heroine” resorted to high spending lifestyle that made her a suspect and she was hanged by rebels to set an example.



Rehana Akhter, Stoma Therapist in SKIMS Nursing Administration, was in Germany for three days on the invitation of European Council of Enterostomal Therapy to attend ECET 2017 Programme (13th) Conference of the Europen Council of Enterostoml Therapists. She is the first Nursing Official Cum Stoma Therapist from J&K to attend this event. Rehana is the recipient of President of India (Nightingale) Award , Award of Excellence from SKIMS, National Guarave Award.


When the report of the “explosion” was flashed to Srinagar, it was a Himalaya-sized shock: assembly debating GST and a yatra vehicle “under attack”. But the follow up flash cleared things. It was an LPG cylinder in their vehicle that had went off and killed one of them. Many others were injured. This proved once again that the pilgrimage to Amarnath is purely a religious activity and has nothing to do with the commerce of the place pr their pilgrims. Most of the pilgrims come with limited sources in shared buses and trucks, cook on the roadside, have darshan and go home.


The juvenile home in Srinagar periphery is not in a position to manage the entre Kashmir load. That is perhaps why the government is planning one home each at Baramulla and Islamabad. The government is considering hiring two buildings and starting the “prison” for minors. Since it started operating in 2011, the Juvenile Home at Harwan has hosted 1153 juveniles of whom 664 were allegedly involved in stone pelting, 173 arrested for theft and 124 for rape. It includes as any as 519 juveniles who were arrested after Burhan Wani was killed on July 8, 2016.


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