An incident that took place showcases the changes that have taken place at ground zero. An army vehicle hit a parked Tavera with six passengers inside in Pulwama, a point where normally people clash with cops. As passengers survived miraculously, the vehicle was severely damaged. It soon created a law and order problem. Within minutes, protesters were on top of the alpha-vehicle, blocking the entire road and life and eventually forcing police intervention. The soldiers could only move after paying Rs 10,000 on spot and police negotiated the deal. Better handling of the mishap prevented a worst situation with too many guns around. That is Kashmir circa 2016, an anti-thesis of 1990 as the fear of death has already died.


Despite tensions and unrest, J&K absorbed a credit of Rs 8584.24 crore in last nine months of the current fiscal ending December 2017.By the end of Q3, the banking sector was having deposits worth Rs 98656.77 crore against overall loan book of Rs 42629.80 crore. This makes a CD ration of 43.21 percent which is lower than 50.08 percent a year back. Gross NPA of the sector has reached Rs 2677.49 crore which is a whopping 6.93 percent. Interestingly, J&K Bank alone holds more than 60 percent share in the overall loan book.


For two years, J&K’s education ministry was implementing systemic shifts within to bring it out of Tara Chand era. One of the key areas was to close down the transfer industry and make it a perennial exercise in the lean days when schooling is off. By the time, this idea was implemented, those who had planned it, were out. It was implemented with slight delay coinciding with the first day of schooling, thus triggering a disturbance. Within hours the 6000 plus list was out, it was withdrawn from facebook, for various errors. Reports suggest that some who had retired or had died were also shifted. Officials said they are making certain necessary changes. But could not this order be out a week ahead of reopening of schools?


Rohangyas’ have been living in Jammu for a long time now. Their shanties went up in flames and they recreated their tin-sheet-cardboard homes. Off late, when right wingers failed in creating a narrative on demographic shift involving state subjects, they pushed the debate towards the Burmese refugees. They were dubbed security risk and some lawyers went to court with plea for their deportation. Last week as the hearing was going on, UNHRC shocked the courtroom when a battery of lawyers flew in. Their arguments took the sting out of the balloon as they insisted that the refugees are listed and registered and are not illegal.


It might take more time to decode whether it was murder or a suicide. A woman had a fight with her husband and left with her daughter. As they did not return, he rushed to police. Waiting, he was happy when police said they recovered them. It was just a hoax. Eighteen days later, the two were fished out of Jhelum. The two were recovered in such a state that the mother had tied her daughter with her chest. Now investigations would reveal whether it was suicide or twin murder.


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