Tosamaidan-Mine-VictimsIn a Hiamalyan departure, this breathtaking meadow is going to have its Sadhbhavana moments. Yes, after sixty years of misuse and killing of more than 65 civilians in accidental explosion from the leftover, the army has finally decided to clear it of the dangerous residue. Army engineers have started scanning the vast meadow that was home to some of the fierce training blasts in Kashmir’s history. The lease for use of the meadow expired in April and the state government is under severe pressure against extending the lease on over 11200 hectares of land of which 1809 hectares are converted into a simulated battlefield. Army engineers will take two months for scanning the entire belt. The belt is home to one of the huge number of limbless people because of accidental explosions from the littered residue.


Policeman-SonuSonu, the darling of right-wingers in Chenab Valley, is out on bail. The sub inspector Shiv Krishan Sharma who was accused of manufacturing militants for his personal ascend within the ranks was arrested in June 2013 after his men were found attacking Thathri police station. Right wingers had raised a lot of hue and cry over his arrest but the water-tight case could not help him escape the law. The latest on this front is that most of the witnesses on whose testimonies the case was made have turned hostile. Law, as usual, took the natural course. Principal District and Sessions Judge Bhaderwah finally granted him the bail. Sonu was in along with his PSO Ayoob and five others.


 Ladakh-Rohtang-TunnelPrestigious Kashmir rail project would take its own time for completion but that does not stop BJP from sounding ambitious. It has initiated laying 498 kms Bilaspur-Manali-Leh railway track line to link Leh with Delhi for strategic reasons. If the project completes in five years, it would cost Rs 22,831 crore. The project is aimed at addressing the issues on the Sino Indian border that usually sees frequent Red Army incursions. Laying the track was permitted after experts ruled out the feasibility for extending Kashmir rail to Leh through Kargil. Once laid, supplies from Delhi will reach Leh within less than two days compared to four days that it takes right now. It will have world’s highest railway station at Tanglang La in Lahaul Spiti at a height of 17582 feet from the sea level.


Lal-SinghIn politics ideologies do not matter compared to opportunities. That is precisely why Congress’s erstwhile two time MP and a state minister Lal Singh Choudhary is about to take a saffron dip and join BJP. Congress that is surviving even Natwar Singh days has not much of the problem, it is the local BJP lawmaker Jagdish Sapolia who is feeling the heat. He has decided to contest independently if the party graced the mandate to erstwhile Congress leader. Lal Singh was denied mandate and it was given to Ghulam Nabi Azad. To take the revenge, he is now crossing the floor. Interestingly in 1996 when Lal Singh won the seat on Congress (Tiwari) mandate, Sapolia was a Congress candidate. Then came 2002 and both changed the parties. In 2014 they will end up in the same party.


People might be confused over the fact that why the contemporary world does not offer instances like Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnoon and Sheereen-Farhad. It seems the love has lost the sting and is more about lust. Last week’s triple murder is just a pointer. Constable Sanjay Singh barged into the residence of late Punjab Singh in Kalakote’s Thermal Colony and shot dead two sisters Urmila and Nisha. Urmila was married and the constable wanted to marry Nisha. Initial investigations suggest the family was not interested because Singh had an unimpressive behaviour. Eventually he got in and killed both of them. He finally used another bullet for himself. No legends, only criminals.


 It seems the newest innovation barely out from the best business incubator. This border town got three shops M/S Welcome Home Needs, dedicated to household needs. They started selling branded items at a high discount. As stocks consumed, they started taking orders on the promise that they will be delivered within a fortnight at 40% discount. Entire town booked their requirement. The day, they went to collect their orders, it was closed. The owners had fled with one crore rupees of advance. As usual police have registered a case and investigations have started.

J&K wholly owned financial corporation has registered a profit of Rs 407.23 lakh in 2013-14 after meeting liabilities of Rs 104.58 lakh. Now government wants to increase its share capital to Rs 500 crore from existing Rs 100 crore.

CBI has registered 50 cases in J&K between 2011 and 2014 of which eight have been closed during the period.


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