Ranjay-seghalFinally, she is back to business. Rajni Sehgal, the jailer at Kotbalwal who remained suspended for 15 months after her Pakistani prisoner Sunaullah Ranjay was killed by fellow prisoner Vinod Kumar in her jail on May 3, 2013. She will now head district jail Udhampur.

She, however, still faces charges of using prisoners to appear in examinations on her behalf.


In an embarrassment to the army, a Brigadier posted along LoC was accused of sodomising his assistant (sahayak). Regular combat soldiers, Sahayaks are misused as domestic servants and there have been demands of abandoning these erstwhile Batmans. Forced to proceed on leave after the slur, the unidentified officer was attached for an enquiry. A report later said he has resigned. This is not the first such allegation in the armed forces, newspaper reports suggested, but in all the cases the officers were sacked.


kashmir-haatIt is called creating room in an overloaded bus. National Book Trust has its exhibition going on in the Kashmir Haat and one of the many stalls is the Millat Publications, a publication house run by Geelani’s Hurriyat. Located at a prominent spot, almost everybody who visits the exhibition essentially goes to this stall. It has been making a good business and some people who were desperate to get the writing of Geelani have had a goldmine opened for them. Other stall owners said the business was not so bad but the assembly session forced a no-parking restriction in the belt that reduced the footfalls.


One of the first delegations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received was that of Kashmiri Pandits. Party gatherings apart, the next major delegation he received was a mixed delegation of Gujjar and Bakerwal youth. A Sadhbhavna effort, it was a delegation that an RR battalion of Romeo Force posted in Pir Panchal range that sponsored the Sair-e-Wattan (a visit to homeland). The delegation visited Modi after having a visit to Agra and Delhi. They shared their experience of visiting the mainland India and also conveyed the difficulties they face while living in Rajouri.


Mangta-GujjarLast week, it seemed as if R S Pora and Uri were two different territories. While R S Pora witnessed the fierce shelling, the first after 1971 war, Uri played host to a friendly flag meeting between the rival armies. Reason: India had to send home an aged Gujjar who had inadvertently crossed the invisible LoC. Mangta Khan, 72 said he was cutting wood in the forests of his Chapper village when he accidently crossed to this side of the invisible LoC on August 20. He was treated after being captured and was repatriated on August 23.


mumbai-police-logoRemember Kashmir’s Goglu, the man who went to Mumbai police and fabricated a story about his involvement in the July 10 Pune blast. A broke, he wanted to go to jail as indebted man was chased by the people from whom he had lifted money. Now Mumbai police is investigating his credentials in Srinagar. The detailed collected by Azad Maidan police revealed that he had cheated nine people of Rs 8.6 lakh promising them government jobs. A man who was a flea market minor was selling government jobs on Srinagar streets!

Poonch has 42 villages on its 103 kms of LoC and a population of 28464 people are living insides gates between zero line and the fence.

In Poonch, army is in occupation of more than 360 kanals of Waqaf land but pays rent for 21 kanals only.


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