FitoorForget the war that Sangh Parivaar has launched on the electoral front to wrest Kashmir. There is love happening in the periphery. Fitoor, a film with Rekha is being filmed in Kashmir. This film is being produced by Ekta Kapoor and Abhishek Kapoor. Kabir Khan also planning to come for shooting Bajrani Bhaijaan‘ after his successful fortnight long shoot of Phantom in July. Though Bollywood has been religiously flying to Kashmir for shooting, BJP has started claiming the credit. Prime Minister Modi in Kishtwar said he will get Bollywood back to Kashmir, as if it was not happening when Dr Manmohan was there!


IAS-couple IAS officers Dr Syed Sehrish Asgar and Dr Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, have an interesting story. Both of them studied MBBS in a Jammu college. Then, both of them qualified as IPS. Then they re-appeared and made to IAS. And then they married. And then they fell apart: Mrs in Punjab cadre and Mr in J&K cadre. In the devastating September floods, they got an opportunity to work together, officially. While she sent the relief, he received and distributed it. The process is still on and both are happy.


Baldev Singh, a Sarpanch, affiliated to Congress and reportedly a close aide of a minister was arrested last week. He was carrying a large quantity of liquor and cash for alleged distribution among voters. Arnas police arrested him carrying two lakh rupees of cash and 19 bottles of IMFL in a hired Mahindra vehicle. A formal case has been registered against him and Election Commission has taken cognizance of the incident. What next??


It is happening perennially in this Chenab district. The government flies the staff for managing polling stations to remote Dacchan, Madwa and Nowponchi belts. After the elections are over, army choppers go, take the EVMs from them and return. Sometimes they get the staff back partly, sometimes they forget them totally. And then it creates a crisis in Kishtwar with the employees demonstrating for getting their colleagues back. It created a huge mess during Lok Sabha polls in which the police and the employees clashed. It happened again, during this election. Right now 14 families do not know the fate of their members who were taken by air and not flown back!


BJP-MoulanaFor newspaper editors in Kashmir, yet another press note is added. It has started coming for the last few days. It is Jamat-e-Ulema-ie-Hind (and not Jamiat-e-Ulema-ie-Hind) that Moulvi Suhaib Qasmi is heading. Qasmi is campaigning for BJP with 150 other mullas from Indian mainland and says his members have managed 100 volunteers for every booth in Kashmir. It has angered the main Jamiat that issued statement against him. They now say he is not a Qasmi, a graduate from prestigious Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband. Qasmi is angry says why his affiliation with BJP is creating news when the main Jamiat is working for Congress!


Modi_Kishtwar_PTI_650As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is flying for his third election speech – this time to Srinagar, regional parties NC and PDP have reacted to his earlier accusations. NC has petitioned Election Commission of India against Home Minister Rajnath Singh and threatened a similar plaint against Modi for “for levelling serious baseless, unsubstantiated and wild allegations”. On his part, Mufti advised Modi to stop the “vilification campaign” and asserted that he needs no certificate on integrity or a lesson on morality. Modi in his three election speeches has accused Abdullahs’ and Muftis’ of massive corruption and termed the two families as J&K’s “disease”. Now wait, what he says on Monday.

Of 182 candidates in fray for fourth phase, 12 have admitted they rae facing criminal cases.


J&K second phase recorded 71.9% turnout.


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