Meerut-UniversityTo cheer for Pakistan in India and that too when you are a Kashmiri is very risky. The players might have forgotten the day, but ten Kashmiri students will never forget March 2, 2014. The latest development in a row over allegedly cheering for Pakistan cricket team is that Swami Vivekanand Subharti University expelled ten Kashmiri students. The University says that “they were found guilty of misconduct and damaging property.” Meanwhile suspension of other 57 other Kashmiri students was revoked.

The expelled students recently appeared in their exams, but now they are being given the migration certificate. The students still should have a reason to smile as they got away with ‘sedition charges’, otherwise what their fate would have been, is not a simple question to answer.


Indian-Army-RehearsalThe government is keen to “de-stress” the men in uniform in J&K, but it seems not so easy. At Maidan forward post in Kasalian sector of Poonch district, three army men were killed. This is fresh case of fratricide. Reason, group clash, when one among them opened fire on his colleagues killing two on the spot and later shooting self with his service weapon.

There were formalities later and Court of Inquiry was ordered to ascertain the facts. No matter how much it is downplayed, but deep down the system there is much more threat within, than outside.


Lance_Naik_HemrajNarendra Modi did every possible effort to make his swearing in grand. Surprisingly Pakistan premier was also invited. This step of Modi was in contrast with what many thought he would be with Pakistan. Same feeling was of widow of Lance Naik Hemraj, whose body was allegedly beheaded by Pakistani soldiers on January 8 last year in Poonch sector. She demanded that the Pakistan premier either bring back her husband’s head or condemn the barbarous killing.

Not only this, the widow says that she voted for BJP as Modi in his election speech in Mathura challenged Pakistan adding the BJP government’s invite to Sharif is an “insult” to the sacrifice of a soldier.

Is Modi going to fulfill the promise of “taking revenge” or he will stick to much “famous” policy of Vajpayee.


ShimlaThere seems no end to ‘miseries’ of Kashmiri’s outside valley. Despite repeated assurances of police and civil administration, there are reports that on one or other pretext, Kashmiri’s are being ‘harassed’. So to say individuals differ, word Kashmiri remains same.

Latest is from Shimla, where non-resident Kashmir’s have accused that they are being unnecessarily ‘harassed’ and ‘compelled’ to leave the place and that raids are being carried out at their homes with the authorities acting as the mute spectators. They are living there since 1947, but now allegations are that they are “being forced to leave the place.”

Police again has assured to take up the matter. Is anybody listening?


More vocal we are for the safety of girls, less is seen on ground. Otherwise it would not have been the case that three hospitals in Jammu refused to conduct medical examination of the three-year-old girl that would prove the crime to convict the rapist under law.

The victim’s family then managed to get an “official permission” from the Directorate of Health Services to conduct the medical test.

Question arises here is if such an “official permission” is mandatory for rape victims in Jammu and Kashmir, that too, when the FIR stood registered and the police team had taken the victim to three hospitals for medical test, where lies the conscience. Is that now subjugated to ‘official permission?’


NSG-ChiefSecurity grid is J&K has a ‘tough time’. This came from none other then top official of India’s elite security agency, NSG. The reason NSG chief JN Chaudhri say is majority of the 200-250 militants operating in Jammu and Kashmir ‘come prepared to kill, cause destruction and to die.’

He was referring to “fidayeens” or “suicide attackers” which according to him make the task of ensuring security “more difficult. He accused Pakistan of continuously sending more militants in J&K, while for Northeastern parts of the India, Chaudhri says the militancy is “ethnic-based”.

Nearly 1.3 lakh yatris have registered at different centres, across India for pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Amarnath, which is slated to start on June 28 this year.

Jammu  Development Authority (JDA) has completed fencing of 270 kanal of land after its retrieval from the encroachers in Gole Gujral area of Jammu


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