Business Transacted During The Session

KL Report


During the 7-day Assembly session which commenced here on September 30, 2013 and concluded on October 09, 2013, as many as 21 Questions were taken up and 71 Supplementaries were raised during the session.

As many as 108 public importance issues were raised by the members during Zero Hour and 2 Government Bills were passed, 7 Private Members Bills were taken up and 01 Private Members Bills introduced.

As many as 72 Calling Attentions were received and 38 were listed during the session.

Besides, 33 Number of Resolutions were received out of which 29 were admitted, 4 disallowed and 3 were taken up for discussion.

As many as 9 Papers were laid in the House, 3 discussions were allowed and one Adjournment Motion was discussed. The total duration of the House was 28 hours and 15 minutes during the session.


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